This once-in-a-lifetime journey across Asia’s culinary capitals was designed by Los Angeles impresario and Iron Chef Star Neal Fraser. Take a sushi class with a Michelin-starred chef in Tokyo, explore the heart of kaiseki in Kyoto, master soup dumplings in Shanghai and perfect dim sum in Hong Kong. Cook in Bangkok’s most iconic kitchen, meet the chefs behind renowned restaurants, and wander into legendary street food haunts. Building on two decades of culinary tours in Indochina, the Iron Chef experience honors the people and places behind the cuisine, showcasing how the region’s best food is the ultimate expression of both a time and a place.

Each of the five destinations reveals a distinctive aspect or personality of Asia's gastronomy. Raw ingredients define kaiseki, sushi as a pursuit of perfection, Shanghai and Hong Kong's bold moves into the future, while Bangkok an extravagant of contrasting flavors. Dumplings and dim sum mix tradition with innovation, transforming classic staples into works of art. We’ll be foraging for ingredients, exploring with our different senses, and discovering the unique regional journeys from market to table, and concept to presentation. And then you’ll taste, the very best of Asia’s cuisine, and equally savoring the atmospheric settings in the alleys and venues we explore.

Asia's culinary pioneers make this the premier Iron Chef experience. Meet the people behind their respective city's dining scenes, cook with these renowned chefs, and going behind the scenes in iconic restaurants. Through these intimate and interactive encounters, discover how cuisine can be the defining symbol of a city. Contrasts in Bangkok, expression in Hong Kong, ingenuity in Shanghai, Kyoto's noble elegance, and Tokyo's intricacies. The numerous historical sights we'll canvas along the way with further our insight into each culture.

Our starts in Tokyo but can be customized. Each day mixes leisurely exploration with culinary activities, including the master cooking classes that make this trip so unique.

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  • Angkor

  • Song Saa

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Days 1 & 2 - Tokyo
Day 3 - Tokyo to Kyoto
Day 4 - Kyoto
Day 5 - Kyoto to Shanghai
Day 6 - Shanghai
Day 7 - Shanghai to Hong Kong
Day 8 - Hong Kong
Day 9 - Hong Kong to Bangkok
Day 10 - Bangkok
Day 11 - Bangkok or extend your trip


  • Maximum 10 guests
  • Deposit due at registration
  • No visas are required for this trip


Best Months : April, May, September
Moderate : March, June, October, November
Avoid : Late June, July, August, December


The Thousand suns of Jacob de Zoet

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