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Our private custom tours delve into the heart of the Land of the Thunder Dragon, focusing on the rich natural and cultural highlights of the sublime final frontier of Asia. If you have a longer amount of time, Bhutan also combines well with Southeast Asia's long slumbering Myanmar which has only just begun to awaken.

Bhutan Photo Tour

Travel to Bhutan should be when the weather is comfortable and ideally when the skies clear to witness the stunning panorama of the Himalayas. We always encourage planning travel dates around the fascinating annual tsechus (festivals) that take place across the country, primarily during September and October.

Don't be dissuaded by the popularity of travel during the festival "high-season"as Bhutan only receives but a handful of travelers each day and we'll ensure you'll never be lost in a crowd. Witness the black-necked cranes arrive into the Phobjikha Valley, photograph novice monks in Thimpu, to cycle the Haa Valley, we can plan and organize a distinctly unique trip organized to your preferences.

Bhutan & Myanmar

With Bangkok as a convenient hub, we often combine these two destinations into trips of about two weeks in total. Contact us for more information about our unique itineraries visiting both countries.

Bhutan Photography Tours

Fewer countries are more compelling for photography, from the high-mountain vistas of the Himalayas, colorful dzongs (temples), and vibrant tsechus—Bhutan's famous annual festivals. Join us for our unique selection of photography tours escorted by award-winning photographer Mark Tuschman. The three differing itineraries offer a variety of experiences—including a classic Bhutan itinerary, the remote eastern fringes of the country, and the other canvasing three major festivals during the pleasant weather of late September and early October. [Read more about our Bhutan Photography Trips]

Of course, most of travelers are interested in touring privately, and we can arrange any of the activities and sightseeing from these itineraries along with your preferences.

When to Go?

We do recommend planning your visit around the excitement of the festival season, but almost all year around outside the monsoon season provides favorable weather for travel in Bhutan. Compared to most other destinations in Asia, the climate in Bhutan and when to visit is realtively straightforward—Winter is cold, but features crisp clear skies, spring and autumn are pleasant, with flowers in full bloom in March and April while in October features fine views of the Himalayans. For the peak travel season, especially for the festivals, rooms may fill up to almost a year in advance at prime properties.

Weave into the mountains and experience the world's happiest alternative culture, 12 days immersing you in the purity of an untouched Buddhist nation

Bhutan stretches the boundaries of the surreal. Hidden in the Himalayas, this warm and welcoming nation celebrates the beauty of alternative culture. Its unique identity has been effortlessly preserved into the 21st century, along with astonishing nature and the spellbinding sweetness of tranquility. This is the land of happiness, where progress is measured in smiles and spiritual tones float elegantly on the alpine breeze. Authentic and authoritative, our classic luxury Bhutan tour helps you explore the country's new definitions of reality. You experience an untamed way of life that brings purity to every moment.

Our signature Bhutan tour explores the different sides to the country, both geographically and culturally. Immerse yourself in the Bumthang region, a cultural heartland that's quick to show the country's ambiance. Discover fortresses and shrines on the journey through the Himalayas to the astonishing Black Mountain National Park. Spend two days in and around ancient capital Punakha, home of sacred and surreal icons. On day nine you arrive in Thimphu, admiring the country's careful remodeling towards some Western ideas. Then on day ten you sleep in Paro, preparing for the pilgrimage to Tiger's Nest Monastery the next morning.

Exploring the Icons and Hearing the Legends

The Tiger's Nest Monastery is the appropriate culmination to luxury Bhutan tours, such unique balance between the paradigms that make the country so unique. There is Buddhist heritage and legend, told by pilgrims and monks you meet. How about Himalayan indulgence and the humbling power of nature in its primitive form? Old-world lifestyle tells the secret of modern happiness. Culture and identity can be personified in a single image, yet explained in infinite ways. All these come together at Tiger's Nest Monastery. Whenever Bhutan seems to be mentioned on the web, it's accompanied by a photo of this mystical monastery. On day 11 you'll join the pilgrims and hike to the story behind the legend.

Throughout this tour you'll visit many temples and monasteries. While none have quite the visual wow of Tiger's Nest, each is equally captivating in its own right. Buddhist legends accompany you at every turn and the locals narrate them with enthusiasm. Serene jewels are hidden in the forests, sacred relics are guarded by eye-catching deities, stories tell of the Divine Madman and of treasures uncovered from a burning lake. At these dzongsand religious structures you'll have many opportunities to meet and learn from the monks who pray there. For these are not just sights, but the living exemplars of Bhutan's identity.

Escaping With Luxury Journeys and Luxurious Landscapes

After a domestic flight to the east on day two, you travel by chauffeured vehicle. Most days involve some driving, although the journeys are never laborious. You're surrounded by the wonder of the Himalayas, every corner bringing a new photogenic viewpoint. Imposing peaks peer down, bucolic valleys stretch out, and the locals wave as you pass. While Bhutan's great allure is its untouched culture, its otherworldly landscapes provide an untamed backdrop. You can feel isolation, appreciate the beauty of seclusion, and marvel at the sense of escapism this tiny nation can offer. Nothing is rushed. Everything is tranquil. And over the 12 days you find that this cultural adventure is also the ultimate getaway.

An Intimate Connection With the Bhutanese

In many ways, Bhutan is a celebration of our approach to travel. Our luxury tours go beyond sightseeing, uncovering the subtleties of destinations. Meeting the locals is integral to the experience, both the random everyday encounters and the pre-planned meetings with the country's intriguing characters. This classic Bhutan tour has the flexibility to build on these encounters. While the day's overall route is relatively fixed, there's a freedom to accept invitations from strangers and continue conversations with new friends. There's a beauty in every encounter and you'll be able to experience life as it has been for centuries.

Of course, as with all our tours, careful attention is paid to the contemporary details. We select hotels and guesthouses that reflect the atmosphere while ensuring modern comforts. Guides are such an essential factor in the experience and we take pride in identifying those that can always add value, not merely be your gatekeeper to Bhutan's world. On most days there are options over different excursions and the guide will tailor the timetable to your mood and energy levels. Intimate and exclusive, these 12 days are more than a showcase of Bhutan, but an immersion in all the paradigms that make it so special.

Bhutan Luxury Travel Highlights and Experiences

  • Follow pilgrims in ascending the granite valley to Taktsang Lhakhang, the iconic Eagle's Nest Monastery that fuses Himalayan wonder with Buddhist legend.
  • Lose yourself in the eastern Bumthang Valley, epitome of Bhutanese culture and rural lifestyles.
  • Unravel the nuance of local identity with two days in Punakha, the country's ancient capital and sacred relic.
  • Explore magnificent Himalayan landscapes, including hikes in Black Forest National Park and drives across remote mountain passes.
  • Meet the locals and share stories with monks, each encounter bringing a new insight into a culture unconnected to the rest of the world.
  • Experience a wide range of temples and monasteries, along with impressive medieval fortresses and market towns.
  • Connect yesterday with today in Thimphu, a captivating city that reveals how contrasts are able to bring harmony.

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