Private Japan Trips

All of our Japan tours are private and custom-tailored to your specific interests and preferences, along with our recommendations of unique people, places, and things do. As you've heard, Japan is the ultimate destination for family travel, the arts, and of course, the world's greatest and most complex cuisine. Explore these themes and other trips we recommend below—a small sampling of which we have had over 20 years experience in organizing. Call us at (628) 256-0093 in San Francisco—we can often simplify your planning by speaking with you directly.

UNESCO World Heritage site The Golden Pavilion, Ginkaku Ji, Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo & Kyoto Unveiled
Two of the world's most remarkable cities, yet starkly different. Explore contrasts between Tokyo, the futuristic megalopolis that inspired Blade Runner, with the ancient and sublime Kyoto. Unique places, people, and activities reveal finest aspects of each city. Extend your trip to Koya, experiencing a deeper facet of Japanese culture—its spirituality, or Naoshima, a unique Art Island.

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Japanese snow monkeys soaking in hot spring

Tranquility in a white paradise
Japan doesn't hibernate through the winter. Falling snow accentuates the country's dramatic natural beauty, while plummeting temperatures lead to some extraordinary experiences. Huddle with monks on Mount Koya, admire hundreds of astonishing ice sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival, then witness Japanese snow monkeys bathing in natural thermal baths.

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Private luxury cruise on the Hozugawa River in Kyoto, Japan

Off the beaten path Luxury tour of Japan
Experience an evocative and enchanting journey through an unseen Japan. With districts like Ginza and once unknown destinations like Kanazawa becomign ever more popular, it's harder than ever to escape the crowds. Let us plan your escape into the lesser-known but equally treasured places in Japan, staying in sumptuos ryokan and iconic architectural icons.

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Monk procession in Koyasan, Japan

An enlightened exploration of Japanese spirituality and Zen Buddhism
Discover the deepest yet least apparent aspect of Japanese culture. Experience a remote Zen garden, an ancient sanctuary that's blossomed for centuries; a lost temple in Kyoto where the red robes of monks contrasts with the verdant landscape; be an honored guest of Buddhist monks in their monastery sharing special Buddhist cusine; and hike sacred pilgrimage trails through lush cedar forests.

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Hirosaki Castle and cherry blossoms in Aomori, Japan

Experience a private tour, experiencing the vivid blooms during Sakura season in the most sublime and tranquil places for viewing next March & April.
Spring ushers in Japan's most enchanting colors, thousands of shades of red and pink filling the avenues and parks from Tokyo all the way to Fukuoka. The astonishing beauty makes the cherry blossom season the most popular time for visitors in Japan. Let us design a trip with experiences and places for a more tranquil journey.

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Mother and daughter on family tour in Japan

All of the astonishing legends and wonders, expertly crafted for all ages
Japan inspires with films by Miyazaki, flashes exotic with bold costumes, and a pop culture exciting to those of every age. All our Japan family trips are designed and tailored to each family's specific interests and preferences—tell us your dreamed-of destinations and we will connect the dots, adding in insider experiences that celebrate the authenticity of each place, away from the crowds.

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Art space by Walter De Maria at Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, Japan

Canvas ancient customs and modern arts from the Mori to Miho to Naoshima
Japan is defined by an unshakable self-possession and obsession with quality. It's pursuit for perfection is found in presentation, nature, aesthetics and the subtleties of all things. This unique private tour explores the highest forms of traditional and contemporary crafts, traditiona and modern art, and architecture that has defined a nation and influenced the world over centuries.

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Miyajima torii gate in Japan. Photo by Vincent Van Der Pas

Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Takayama, Kanazawa with scenic Miyajima Island
A giant Torii gate, afloat on the sea, standing majestic near the Itsukushima Shrine off of Miyajima Island. It's one of Japan's most sublime sights and insight into the Japanese tradition of creating places of exceptional peace, harmony and contemplation. Beyond museums and galleries, explore Japan's most compelling landscapes.

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Traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan

Explore highlights from Tokyo to Kyoto, with Mount Fuji, Takayama and Osaka
Japan doesn't have a single defining image. The icons come from across the centuries and this exclusive tour go in search of them. Sleeping on tatami mats in charming ryokans, deep in the mountains. Meeting Buddhist monks and finding temples hidden amongst bamboo forest.

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Japanese pottery make in his shop

Ceramics, pottery, and other traditional crafts distinguish this trip
For those who admire and passion is for Japanese art and crafts, we can plan exceptional itineraries capturing specific interests, such as varieties of pottery, including kiln visits and artist and craftsmen encounters, all off the beaten path. Enjoy this journey from Fukoaka along the "pottery trail" to Naoshima Art Island, explore Kyoto's ancient anbd modern crafts, and Tokyo's galleries.

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Cosplay girls in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Immerse your older kids in cosplay, robots, anime, manga, and more
Our Japan family trips are created for everyone's interests, while canvasing what is most unique and engaging in Japan. From the legacies of the feudal system and samurai warriors, sumo wrestlers, futuristic robots, world-famous manga, animation, and video games, Japan is a delightful destination for children of all ages.

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Cherry blossom trees in the mountains near Nara, Japan

Explore Japan's astonishing natural wonders and wildlife
Hike tranquil pilgrimage trails, trek through poweder to see Snow Monkeys, meditate with Buddhist monks, cycle quiet alleys, climb Mount Fuji, trek powdery drifts to snow monkeys, heli ski in Hokkaido, explore by horseback on Yonguni Island, mountain bike on Shikoku, kayak in Nogano, raft in the Iya Valley, and much more.

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Aman Tokyo premier room city view

Mondern luxury, elegant experiences
Japan has been redefining luxury for some time now. The classic definition is still cogent, experienced in a range of eye-catching five-star hotels and decadent restaurants. Experience sublime and stylish extravagance on a Japan private tour.

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Sushi chef in Tokyo, Japan

Ultimate foodie trips in the world's greatest culinary destination
Nowhere is the mantra “food is culture” better celebrated than in Japan. But while ubiquitous Japanese cuisine has crossed the world – sushi, tempura, ramen – regional specialities can only be discovered when you're in the country. So journey into Japan's complex culinary tradition, opening all your senses to the gastronomic search for perfection.

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Sumo wrestlers doing battle in Tokyo, Japan

For Second Time Visitors
You cannot visit the same Tokyo twice, as the saying goes. And no traveler returns from Japan without feeling they've just skimmed the surface. Places like Takayama, Hokkaido, Kanazawa, Koya, Shikoku, and Kyushu beckon. Typically first time travelers miss much of the country's sublime landscapes, small traditional villages, alpine settings, and remote coastline.

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Seven Stars luxury train in Kyushu, Japan

The World's Greatest Rail Travel
Experience Japan's famed Shinkansen better known as Bullet Trains that reach up to 200 miles and hour. Witness Tokyo's bustling Metro, scenic mountain trains and cable cars, and the most luxurious train in the world —The Seven Stars —which meanders alone the picturesque ocean cliffs in Kyushu. As much a cultural experience, no journey in Japan is complete without travel on its extensive rail network famed for its unsurpassed quality and engineering.

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Chef in Amamoto in Tokyo Japan

Japan's Finest Cuisine and Hotels
Explore Japan's complex and world-famous sushi bars, regional cuisines, Michelin-restaurants and superlative street eats—all while lodging in the country's finest resorts, hotels, and ryokan. This trip canvases the very best dining in Tokyo and Kyoto, with a stopiver in Hakone to view iconic Mount Fuji while enjoying the hospitality while staying in the world's most famous ryokan. [image credit City Foodsters]

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Ramen chef in Japan by City Foodsters (CC 2.0)

Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Bangkok
Experience the ultimate journey in Asia through the most renowned centers of cuisine in the region. We've organized culinary trips to China, Japan and Thailand for over 20 years and this trip combines the very best of all four destinations, with unique and immersive exposure into each places cuisine.[image credit: City Foodsters]

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