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"There are certain moments in the history of a country that will never come again—and now is that time for Myanmar" —Author Alex Kerr.

We'd add the change happening in Myanmar will never come again in the history of all of Asia. As you've heard, there is no place quite like Myanmar and if you want to ensure your once in a lifetime journey in this most special of places is as momentous as it should be, and worthy of that description, then you've come to the right place. Indochina Travel was one of the first American companies to organize trips to this "new" destination. Our custom private journeys immerse our travelers into the extraordinary local cultures of emerging artists in Yangon, villages around the Bagan temple plain, aged monasteries in Mandalay, diversity of traditional hilltribes in the sublime Inle Lake basin and aboard a luxury river cruise ship on the famed Irrawaddy River.

Come experience one of the world's most enchanting destinations, long closed to travelers—spectacular hidden jewel of unparalleled beauty and history offering magnificent temples in timeless landscapes. Interact with some of the friendliest and gentlest people you've ever met, enriching your journey through the Land of Gold. Myanmar offers several exciting destinations, and activities that take you to the heart of some of its magnificence, all while while staying in a sanctuaries of tranquility and sublime charm. No longer a destination of rustic colonial-era properties, Myanmar is now a place for luxury travel.

Explore many of the country's highlights, culture, cuisine, and landscapes from the temple plain of Bagan to lush river valleys along Chindwin and famed Irrawaddy rivers. In around Inle Lake in the Shan State, discover one of the most exceptionally diverse regions in the world. Experience amazing ways to celebrate, as we showcase festivals packed with local color. Indulge in authentic local and fine dining. Relax with our suggestions for wellness, such as yoga in Bagan and picturesque Ngapali Beach. Our luxury Myanmar tours offer unique experiences, encounters, and places few other travelers experience.

Unique trips in a very exceptional place

We've been organizing one-of-a-kind private custom trips in Myanmar since the late 1990s, from classic overland tours to the first cycling tours of Myanmar, a first of a kind Myanmar Digital Photography Tour, trips organized around attendeing the vibrant Inle Lake Phaung Daw Oo Festival, to private escapes for solitude or an unforgettable honeymoon retreat nestled against the Himalayan foothills. Our latest focus is on the artist community in Yangon, as the community emerges during this exceptional period of Burmese glasnost.

Aside from exceptional, original experiences, longtime travelers know the guide makes the trip and this even truer in Myanmar where there is a dearth of experienced guides. However, you can expect the very top escorts along with an attentive and efficient office. Let us plan your trip to this remarkably untouched place during this special window in time when Myanmar is opening up to the world. We can recommend when to travel, possible festivals to attend, as well as arrange your international airlines, and take care of that difficult Myanmar visa. Read more below or browse ideas for your custom Myanmar luxury tour.

Myanmar Touring Highlights

Like the other places we travel, in Myanmar we focus on experiential and there are few other countries in the world that are equal for immersive and authentic person-to-person experiences. Myanmar luxury travel is now possible, although our travelers are immensely awed by the wonderful scenery and sights, it is the friendliness, warmth, and endearing nature of the the people that are the most enchanting aspect of visiting the country. The gentle nature of the people in this Buddhist country are a delight to mingle with against the backdrop of shimmering golden pagodas, brick red monasteries, and stunning landscapes on the sublime Inle Lake. The curated experiences, places, and encounters below offer the best of Myanmar, but also browse our other ideas for other trip ideas.


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Experiencing Myanmar is like encountering a forgotten banyan tree on a dusty plain. From one angle you're consumed by mystery, wondering how something so impressive could be hidden from the world. Circle the banyan and you realize that it's both an ode to history and a coveted example of tomorrow's beauty. Get closer and you admire how every root has its own story and style. Nature and culture combine into one, a fascinating fusion that can't be captured on camera. Myanmar is a country shrouded in legend, slowly opening to the world. Our Myanmar luxury tours unveil it all: the lost-world wonder, the distinctive roots, and the classic destinations that have always made Myanmar blossom.

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