Nasi Padang

Sri Lanka Cuisine

The scent of fresh tea, plucked straight from the plantations beneath your hotel room. Meaty ocean fish sizzling away, the scents filling the kitchen where you’re taking a cooking class. Wandering through the jungle and inhaling the scents of unusual spices, sharing a cup of tea with the locals, or testing out the old colonial favorites in iconic cafe bars. Like all our Asian food tours, being in Sri Lanka is a chance to have fun with the cuisine and get to intimately understand local customs. We’ll also provide you with a list of restaurants to choose from in the evenings, select wilderness hotels that match our dedication to food, and take you into markets where the atmosphere is as memorable as the flavors.

Much More Than Sri Lanka Culinary Tours
We’re passionate about Sri Lanka’s food, testing out the increasing number of international restaurants as well as searching for the most iconic of local experiences. Food plays a part in all our private Indochina tours, with itineraries designed around your interests and mood. While we can tailor specific Sri Lanka culinary tours, our main focus is infusing this passion for local food into every itinerary. Everyone has different tastes and Sri Lanka is one of those countries that can tailor for different wishes. Street food, find dining, tracking the flavors from plantation to plate, testing out the fiery chilli levels of local dishes or the Italian perfection of seafood in a coastal resort...there is something to impress on every palate and every sense of adventure.