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Sri Lanka is the land like no other, a place where ethereal natural beauty meets poetic romance and mystery, an idyllic combination of culture, beaches and nature. This tear-drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean may only be a few hundred miles long, but it excels in the inimitable and inspiring: evocative urban landscapes, sacred ruins, sublime coastline, rich cultural and culinary diversity, wild jungle and the vivid tea plantations old Ceylon is famous for. After a vibrant recovery from civil war and tsunami, now is the time to experience this mostly undiscovered country.

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History and Culture on a Luxury Sri Lanka Tour

For thousands of years Ceylon was a port of call on the Indian Ocean shipping routes. Its history includes occupations by the Dutch, Portuguese, and most recently the British, explorable in the crumbling remains of colonial cities like Colombo. As Ceylon became Sri Lanka, a religiously diverse people have slowly come together, mostly Buddhist but with significant Hindi, Muslim and Christian populations. From coast to coast overland, any journey through Sri Lanka has a chance to embrace this wide diversity of history and culture, with a friendly welcome guaranteed almost anywhere you turn.

Beaches, Rainforests and Rural Bliss

Exotic beaches ring the island, most of them overwhelmingly white and untouched. Almost wherever you are on a private Sri Lanka tour, the sandy charms of the coastline are very close by. It's easy to kick back and spend whole days doing nothing, but there are also some excellent beaches for learning to surf and scuba dive without any of the crowds. Head inland and the temperate hills are a kaleidoscope of green, ideal for walking and intimate local experiences. There's a great train journey across the country if you want an easy immersion in these landscapes. And then there is the jungle, thick and sensual, populated by elephants, monkeys, buffaloes and even leopards; a safari in these trees is unforgettable.

Always Going Off the Beaten Track With Sri Lanka Luxury Travel

Sri Lanka has never been an unknown. It is just that travelers always seemed to fly over it, on route to either Southeast Asia or India. A decade of rebellion and uncertainty on parts of the island didn't help tourism, nor did the 2004 tsunami. The response to adversity has been inspiring and we're happy to have stuck with Sri Lanka through the challenging years. Now tourism has been reestablished the opportunities are many, yet so much of the country remains uncrowded. You can always go off the beaten track here, on an island nation that embodies so much natural and cultural grandeur.

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