Unique Experiences in Vietnam

A selection of experiences and activities in Vietnam with Indochina Travel

  • Writer and artist Nguyen Qui Duc in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Tea with Nguyen Qui Duc

    Duc is one of Vietnam's foremost writer and intellectuals. A San Francisco-based host on National Public Radio, Duc retired to Hanoi, marking this move back home with the opening of an art gallery and designing of a mountain retreat (read the New York Times article).

    A provocateur in the spirit of Ai Weiwei, Duc continues to contribute to the New York Times. His books include Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family and Vietnam: A Traveler's Literary Companion. Duc continues to write and manages a poet's café in the Old Quarter, where we will meet for coffee and a sweeping introduction to his homeland and vigorous art's scene. Duc is also host for Vietnam Art Encounter tours.

  • Eating pho on the street in Hanoi during street food tour of the capital city

    Hanoi Street Food Crawl

    No doubt you've heard, and seen, that Vietnam has some of the most delicious street eats in the world. As Anthony Bourdain states "All of the things I need for happiness: Low plastic stool, check. Tiny little plastic table, check. Something delicious in a bowl, check."

    We will plan finer dining at places you should not miss, but during the day when out and about, we'll expose you to the best pho you've ever had, or stop by the bun cha cafe where Barack Obama enjoyed a taste of this terrific Hanoi dish. Thankfully, Vietnamese serving sizes are smaller and we'll loosen up the belt some and snack throughout the day.

  • Private tour with the Hanoi traditional opera troupe

    Perform with an Opera Troupe

    Enjoy a private encounter with the troupe from Hanoi's traditional opera in their ancient and atmospheric theater located in Hanoi's Old Quarter. Learn hands-on about making up, costumes, music, and of course, respective roles, live from the performers. Afterwards, participate along with them in your own show.

  • Dan Bao Blues

    Forgo the touristy water puppets theater for this private hands-on lesson learning to play the mystical sound of the Dan Bao, which is the real highlight of the theater.

    Enjoy time with a prodigy in the atmospheric Old Quarter home of Pham Chi Khanh and his musical family, also learning other instruments. Khanh is a master of several traditional Vietnamese instruments, but the electrified and bluesy Dan Bao, featured in water puppets theater, is mesmerizing. [View A Dan Bau VIDEO]

  • Making spring rolls in cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam

    Private Cooking Class in Hoi An

    This delightful, yet rigorous cooking class is not to be missed. Taking place in an elegant French villa with expert instructors, after a market tour learning and shopping for ingredients, you will be taught to master 4-5 dishes, including popular Vietnamese spring rolls, papaya salad, and mouth-watering banh xeo, a Vietnamese fried crepe. The course includes a market tour, and lunch dining on your creations.

  • Fighter pilot Hong My with General Cherry

    Fighter Pilot Encounter

    Hear Mr. My's thrilling stories of being a fighter pilot over Hanoi during the war. He was the first Vietnamese pilot to shoot down an American f-4 fighter jet in 1972. Mr. My later was invited to Kentucky to meet with his former adversaries, one, Dan Cherry, who had also shot him down during dogfights above Hanoi and recounted in General Cherry's book: My Enemy, My Friend. We'll stop into have teas with My in his Old Quarter home, sharing photos, and hearing about his amazing experiences during and after the war.

  • Artist Dao Anh Khanh in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Performance Artist Encounter

    Spend an afternoon with Khanh at his massive Red River Art compound. A surrealist painter and Vietnam's most eminent performance artist, Khanh moves easily between painting canvasses, acrylic and lacquer with his very own technique. During shows, he may paint himself white and dance for hours in his own highly individual style. As a performance artist, Anh Khanh has performed all over the world including New York, Europe, and throughout Asia. Khan is fluent in English, and an engaging and charming host.

  • Hanoi, Vietnam TNT soccer team action shot

    Soccer in Hanoi

    Soccer is Vietnam's most popular sport (bicycle racing is another). If your trip occurs during the season, attend a match of the country's best team — Hanoi's TNT. The central city stadium is convenient to get to and comes alive with booming drums, waving flags, and roar of fans.

    A visit and photos with the team may be arranged in advance.

  • Art work by Dinh Quan, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Lacquer Artist Dinh Quan

    Quan is one of Vietnam's foremost contemporary lacquer artists. An intellectual with deep Buddhist beliefs, Quan makes for a fascinating visit beyond his beautiful art work in his home gallery in the bohemian quarter of "Tay Ho" or West Lake in Hanoi.

    Through his development of the art form, he has adapted the medium to include alternative techniques and other art disciplines, such as sculpture.

  • Family cycling in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

    Cycling North Vietnam

    We've organized cycling trips for over 25 years, and in some very spectacular places like Ninh Binh. Cycling is often the best way to explore Vietnam, away from traffic on footpaths through villages, farms, and picturesque landscapes.

    You don't have to be an avid biker to enjoy at least some time in the saddle during your journey.

  • Family hiking in Northwest Vietnam

    Hiking Hill tribe Villages

    In addition to "laughing yoga" on the lake, a private class can be arranged on the bank of West Lake in Quang Ba Pagoda, a peaceful complex and perfect location for a serene yoga experience. Instructor Chi Hoan will share with the meditation, mindfulness to understand the peacefulness, positive energy & spiritual improvements of yoga. Ms. Hoan will also share tenants of Buddhism that affect the mind on the path to a enlightenment and a positive life. [See Cycling in Vietnam]

  • Private calligraphy class with master in hanoi, Vietnam

    Afternoon with a Calligraphy Master

    Learn the ancient and tranquil art of calligraphy from a master in the atmospheric Old Quarter. Hand-on, learn to brush calligraphy in both Chinese, who introduced it to Vietnam, and in the Vietnamese Language. Your host, a skilled artist and a calligraphy master will transport you back in time delving into an art that is still revered and respected.

  • Leanring to fish on Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Fishing Halong Bay

    Thrill to a private fishing trip with local fisherman, learning the trade as you drift through the magnificent landscapes on Halong Bay. Also visiting local fish farms, where live catch is kept and unique floating fishing villages. There are many remote beach coves where we can also arrange kayaking and dining in your own private area of Halong Bay.

  • Vintage Russian motorcycle tour of the Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Classic Russian Motorbike Tour

    Aboard a vintage Russian Minsk motorbike, thrill on a ride through the labyrinths of narrow, winding back streets and alleyways of Hanoi. Experience authentic glimpses of the capital, behind the scenes. Roll past the French Colonial Quarter, gliding along the verdant boulevards enjoying views of a romantic bygone era. Stop to visit an Egg Coffee shop to taste a very unique family heirloom coffee “coffee with egg.”

    Finally, joining your driver for Hanoi's famous happy hour or bia hoi where you will enjoy the the company of locals ending their work day.

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