Vietnam Family Tours

Vietnam is no longer a challenging place to travel with kids, and our Vietnam family tours that were pioneered in the early 90's mean with our long experience, local knowledge, meticulous planning, and in-country offices, your trip will not only be a smooth one, but educational, thrilling, and delightful one.

Hoi An Water Buffalo, Vietnam Family Tour

We've escorted kids of all ages on our Vietnam family tours, organizing biking, kayaking, light trekking, camping out in hilltribe villages, with unique activities such as performing with the Hanoi traiditional opera troupe, learning traditional water puppets theater from a master, and private artist encounters where your children will learn hands-on how to produce lacquer paintings in the ancient style. Our staff, and in fact you'll discover almost all Vietnamese are, "kid crazy" and your children will enjoy one of the most remarkable family trips they've ever had.

If you've traveled with Abercrombie & Kent or Butterfield & Robinson before, consider us for our geographic focus and location in Vietnam along with our unmatched experience in the country. Contact us for detailed information about a private Vietnam family adventure in Vietnam. We are honored to be an in-country partners for premier family travel companies My Little Swans and Ciao Bambino.

Drying Rice in Hanoi, Vietnam

Our family tours will spice up your travel in the region but nowhere is more fascinating than Vietnam. We've escorted kids of all ages since 1994, organizing biking, kayaking, light trekking, camping out in hilltribe villages, with unique activities such as hands-on rice planting or learning hands-on how to create traditional lacquer guided by a leading artist. Our staff, in fact you'll discover almost all Vietnamese, are "kid crazy" and your children will enjoy one of the most remarkable trips they've ever had. Contact us for detailed information on your family's adventure in Vietnam.

"We had a fabulous trip. Thank you so much!"
— Nancy Solomon, Mother to 4 & Travel Writer for
"We went on the Vietnam Trip last year with our two boys age 8 and 11. What a great trip! We were stunned by the fantastic Vietnamese people, the wonderful views, the terrific food and the stellar way that VeloAsia assembled our trip. This was truly one of our best family vacations."
—Karen and Rich Goss

Biking in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Take in a bit of history just outside Saigon, where you can visit the intriguing Cu Chi Tunnels where South Vietnamese fighters lived in these underground tunnels for years during the Vietnam War, and even had doctors and stores set up under the ground. This is a sobering and educational reminder of the dangers and hardships of war. We'll also expose you to living history, meeting with fighter pilot Mr. Hong My in his Hanoi Old Quarter home to hear of his dogfights above Hanoi during the war.

For a more light-hearted trip, we'll head to the mountains in Sapa in the far north of the country. Here you can trek through emerald-green rice terraces and meet friendly local groups who still retain their unique culture and traditional ways.

If your family enjoys active travel, will love kayaking through the stunning karst landscapes of Halong Bay. Just two and a half hours outside of Hanoi is one of the world's most incredible geological settings. Here, you can paddle past towering limestone karst formations and traditional Vietnamese wooden boats. The waters are very calm here, and a pleasant for boating and kayaking with children of all ages and ability.

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Miss Vy Hoin Cooking Class in Vietnam
Cycling in Dalat, Vietnam

Read About Mario's Iron Chef Biking Trip in Vietnam

For Mario's 12th birthday, dad took him along on our two-week Vietnam Iron Chef trip, biking and learning hands-on about Vietnam's delicious cuisine from north to south, including cooking classes and fascinating visit the pre-dawn fish market in Nha Trang while enjoying the countryside from the vantage point of a bicycle saddle.

Best memory: "The food is awesome, my favorite!"

Duncan's Vietnam Diary

Duncans Diary, Vietnam Luxury Travel

Read about Duncan's surprise 12th birthday Vietnam family tour during December, 2011 with his father and grandmother traveling to Hanoi through the central coast, meeting with families, local artists, exploring small villages, visiting schools, enjoying Vietnam's culinary treats along the way, not to mention an exciting white-knuckle bicycle ride in Hue across the Perfume River!

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Indochina Travel's Unique Family Experiences in Hanoi

Opera Troupe in Hanoi, Vietnam Family Tour

Vietnamese Traditonal Opera

In the Old Quarter the Hanoi Traditional Opera Troupe presents weekly shows. Enjoy a private meeting with the troupe, learning and playing traditional instruments, then being made up and costumed to act in a wonderful family production directed by the troupe’s producer and actors.

Doan Thi Diem Middle School

Classroom in Hanoi, Luxury Tour in Vietnam

If you're traveling with children, we can organize meeting local students as ambassadors, acting as tour guides to take your family to see some of their classes such as dancing and art, while giving your children a chance to teach in an English class with students excited to learn more abut Western lifestyles but rarely meet foreign children.

We can also introduce your family to the student's, meeting their parents for an informal tea or lunch. Soccer is the sport in Vietnam and if your children like, we can arrange for them to attend a game with the students or play with the students, or a more cultural experience, traveling outside of Hanoi into the farm and river areas, sharing time fishing and meeting farmers with your new friends. Read more on Doan Thi Diem school.

Traditional Water Puppets

During this delightful activity, visit a water puppet master in his private theater, learning hands-on how this wonderful traditional performance art, unique to Vietnam, is performed. Later this evening, we can also go see an actual water puppets show after this behind the scenes glimpse of how the plays are created. Read more about Water Puppets

Mr Liem Family at Water puppet, Luxury Travel in Vietam

Young Entrepreneur

Have a budding entrepreneur in the family? Your kids know about Flappy Bird? The app was made by a young coder in Saigon. Asia is rising and over the last decade China and Vietnam have had the most dynamic economies in the world. A watershed moment for Vietnam was the 2010 opening of an Intel's billion-dollar plant in Ho Chi Minh City, Intel's largest plant to date. In Hanoi and Saigon, we'll organize meetings with students in their classrooms and young entrepreneurs for your older children to understand firsthand the human element of these growing economies. We specialize in tech startups, but can arrange meetings in almost any industry from manufacturing, agro products (Vietnam is now the world's second largest producer of coffee beans), to design.

Junior Iron Chef

Cooking Family Trip in Halong Bay, Vietnam

As No Reservation's Anthony Bourdain points out, there's no better place to travel by your stomach than Vietnam, a place inhabited by "a skinny people obsessed with food." And cuisine is a highlight of any family trip in Vietnam. Vietnam offers delightful hands-on adventures in cuisine, from fruit carving and learning to roll spring rolls with your chef on Halong Bay (right).

Or enjoy an "Iron Chef" cook-off between family members in Hoi An, hunting and preparing several favorite Vietnamese dishes such as banh beo, a Vietnamese crepe, for a hard-to-please panel of judges.

Hanoi Artist Encounter

Children Learning Lacquer Art in Hanoi

Hanoi currently enjoys one of the most vigorous emerging art scenes in the world and we can arrange private meetings with many of the country's top artists, engaging in interesting activities for children such as a hands-on learning about how traditional lacquer is made working on actual pieces of artists.

Bomb Shelter Tour

A fascinating multimedia space in the recently-discovered war-era bomb shelter. The educational experience teaches with signage, sound, and is led by a local historian. There were historic accounts of a Vietnam-era bunker designed to protect hotel guests during bombing raids, but nobody recalled where it was located or if it even still existed until recent renovations struck the massive concrete walls of the bunker.

Vietnam Cycling, Trekking & Outdoor Family Tours

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam

On a Vietnam family tour, our most popular family destination is Halong Bay. Halong Bay was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 and stunning geographic anomoly where thousands of limestone peaks create a natural barrier to the wind-blown waters of the South China Sea. The karst wonderland was a favorite hiding place for pirates (and the James Bond villain in Man with the Golden Gun). These calm waters are wonderfully suited for kayaking and despite the negative things you've read about Halong Bay, we use only a handful of quality luxury charters that cruise away from the crowds into the pristine areas of the bay.

Family Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam Family Tour

Boating and Cycling the Mighty Mekong Delta

Luxury Family Travel in Vietnam

Our Mekong family tour travels some of the quietest back roads in the country, with frequent side trips by the delta's primary mode of transport — sampan (boat). Drift in small sampan through bustling market places and riverfront villages, stopping into homes, cottage industries, and crafts villages, along the way. Cycling through the bustling markets is always a highlight.

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