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In no region of the world does private jet travel make more sense than in Asia. With limited commercial routing and low volume of connections, it is significantly easier and more efficient to travel private jet or helicopter, nor is there more compelling reason to do so than in Asia. Private air transfers can provide significant efficiency for visiting countries like Myanmar and Bhutan, which have limited commercial flights and entry points, as well as a poor road infrastructure that make overland travel time consuming and a rough going. Helicopter transfers will also maximize your time in cities like Bangkok with its legendary traffic, while providing stunning views over places such as Halong Bay. Private jets and large body state-of-the-art come in a variety of customized configurations, including luxury jets outfitted with every conceivable amenity.

International Air Charter

From Australia, Europe, North America Indochina Travel can arrange for the ease and convenience of a private jet charter to fly you throughout most destinations in Asia non-stop. From North America, a private regional jet can also be an economical solution combined with flying First Class internationally, then transiting to your private jet upon arrival in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, or Bangkok.

A dramatic arrival into Hong Kong by helicopter

Private Plane FBO Services in Asia

If you are arriving with your own aircraft, we will arrange for all FBO facility and ground handling services taking care of all baggage, check-in, customs and immigration procedures while for passengers and crew relax in private lounges before further transfers. Transfers airside are complimented by choices of luxury vehicles or helicopter in each location and escort servics, including siren police escort, from airport depending on location.

Private Aircraft Charter OPTIONS in Asia

An impressive fleet of Gulfstream, Cessna, and other aircraft with a range of seats, range, cabin configuration, and amenities are ready at a moment’s notice to provide you with unmatched comfort, speed and access to regional hubs and remote airports. Select from world-class light luxury private jets to a Boeing 737 which has been fitted with a private stateroom, shower, lounge, and suite. This chart provides a quick reference to popular aircraft models we charter from Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Contact us for more detail or specific requests for chartering during your trip with us.

Ground Handling Service Includes
  • - Marshalling
  • - Provision of chocks and safety cones
  • - Filing of ATC flight plan forms
  • - Weather and NOTAM briefing
  • - Parking position coordination
  • - Meet and Greet services
  • - General declaration & Passenger manifest
  • - Loaders & Aircraft loading/unloading
  • - Arrival and Departure flight movements
  • - Monitoring of ATC slots
  • - Baggage handling
  • - Refueling coordination
  • - VIP fast track and transportation

Ground handling services range from US$420 to $2,300 depending on airport and size of aircraft.

Light Jets
Range Ideal For Example Rates
Cessna Citation CJ2
1,500 miles (Hong Kong to Samui) Short runways Bangkok to Samui USD 3,150
Cessna Citation CJ3
1,875 miles (Singapore to Hanoi) Space, luxury Bangkok to Siem Reap $2,880
Learjet 35
2,780 miles   Ex Tokyo $2,200-$2,500/hr
Medium Jets
Cessna Citation X
3,242 miles (Tokyo to Bangkok) Speed, short runway Bangkok to Bagan USD 9,250
Challenger 605
4,500 miles (Singapore to Beijing) Space, comfort USD 5,200 to 7,900 /hour
Gulfstream G200
3,850 miles (Singapore to Bhutan) Large cabin, range USD 5,540 /hour
Large Jets
Gulfstream V
7,770 miles (London to Bangkok) Luxury and range Bangkok to Singapore $16,550
Gulfstream VSP
7,900 miles Luxury and range Ex-Tokyo 4,500-8,000/hr
Large Capacity
ATR-72 Turboprop
1,300 miles regional Short runway USD 18,000 Hanoi to Siem Reap
Boeing 737
6,000 Spacious luxury From USD 8,000 /hour
Helicopter CHARTER
Notes Duration Rates
Airport transfers
Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok Airport Transfers From USD 675 /party
Tokyo Helicopter   By day or night 15 minutes From USD 1,160/5 pax
Angkor by Helicopter
The temples from above 15-48 minutes From USD 90 /person
Preah Viher Temple
A stunning aerial rides 108 minutes/ 4 hrs land From USD 3,700 /party
Hanoi to Halong Bay
Transfer to the bay with flyover 45 minutes From USD 3,600 /party
Phang Nga Bay
Sublime marine reserve 30 minutes USD 350 /person
Banaue Rice Terraces
Philippine's terraced fields 45 minutes USD 7,500 (4-6 persons)
Golden Triangle
Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai 70 minutes USD 5,400 (4-6 persons)
Mount Fuji   From Narita or Tokyo 70 minutes USD 7,800 (6-8 persons)
Pending approval, contact us 20-30 minutes Pending

Helicopter Transfers and Tours

There's no better reason to hire a helicopter in the region than for airport transfers, which combine convenience but also a flyover of your destination, and in some cases, such as Tokyo, can be less expensive than an airport limousine.

For Tokyo's Narita Airport, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, let us arrange your transfer in the sky and if you've come with the children, you may be staying at the Peninsula which we recommend for families and boasts its own rooftop heliports. Of course, a Bangkok helicopter tour, or over Angkor, Tokyo or Hong Kong can be arranged for both day or night flyovers.

Aerial arrival into Bangkok

Vietnam Helicopter Charter & Tours

EC135 Vietnam helicopter charter

Whether for business or touring, helicopter transfers in Vietnam can save time-consuming airport check-ins or transfers over rigorous roads. For example, a flight to Halong Bay reduces a three-hour drive to 45 minutes, followed by lunch and a one-hour aerial tour of one of the world's most stunning geographic formations. There are three helicopter options in Vietnam that we recommend, 4-seat Airbus EC 120 Colibri with maximum range of 240 nautical miles, Eurocopter (Airbus) EC135 helicopter (above), which can sit 5-6 passengers with a range of approximately 300 nautical miles, and for larger groups, a Eurocopter EC155 B1 (below) with capacity of 10-12 passengers and range of approximately nautical 500 miles. For helicopter tours, please inquire.

Helicopter transit is not limited to Halong Bay, but also for reaching Mai Chau, Hang Son Doong, the world's largest cave, located in Vietnam, Hue and Danang on Vietnam's central coast (below), and Saigon with the Mekong Delta.

Hue, Danang and Hoi An by helicopter

Private Jet Vacations and Holidays

World Heritage Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia)
This classic 8-day itinerary canvases all the unique and thrilling UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos by private jet. Stopovers include Angkor, Luang Prabang, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An. From Bangkok, charter rates for 6 to 14 travelers begin at US$11,000 per person.

Contact us for other custom private jet itineraries in the region, including Yunnan and Tibet with the kids, Myanmar and the Golden triangle, or our Iron Chef Southeast trip.

Kong Private Charter

Hong Kong provides an efficient central base for your group to connect by charter jet to most of the region, with almost all aircraft capable of reaching Beijing to the north and Phuket to the south. The luxury private jet fleet of aircraft includes a custom built, luxury Boeing 737.

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