Culinary Tours of Asia

Japan Food Tours

Explore how food is culture on our Japan food tours, every destination and every day showing the artistic search for culinary perfection.

Japan Food Tours
Asia is unsurpassed for incredible, exotic, and captivating places that are the backdrop for a memorable and romantic honeymoon. Explore the enigmatic lost temples of Angkor away from the crowds, cruise by luxury private junk on Halong Bay, be an honored guest at a remote Japanese monastery, dine with a former Ambassador in Phnom Peng, unlock the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine with a master chef in Hanoi, share private time with an elephant in a jungle camp, and of course relax at the in solitude at a Thai island or Balinese honeymoon retreat.

China Culinary Tours

There’s always wonderful surprises on China food tours, from the old regal classics to the redefined city dumplings.

This isn’t a country where you should only scratch the surface. Uncovering the heart of Chinese cuisine requires experiences out of the norm. In the past we’ve had triple Michelin-starred chef Paul Pairet offering an insider’s perspective on Shanghai’s cuisine. We’ve led explorations that trace the journey of xiaolongbao, the soup-filled dumplings trending across the world. Our Hong Kong food tours have included master dim sum cooking classes and street food crawls. The common greeting in Hong Kong is sik tzo fan may, which means “have you eaten?” Such a focus on food is replicated across the whole of China. And only by delving deep into the country’s cuisine can you fully explore this dedication to fine food.

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A Taste of Thailand Foodie Tours

An insider’s perspective that opens the senses, our Thailand food tours are also an exploration of local culture.

Thailand Food Tours
Of all the Asia food tours it’s those in Thailand that are the most famous. Few people visit the country without going on at least one cooking class, along with a street food or market tour. Everything is so fresh and so vibrant, and everything seems to come together so naturally: lemongrass, chili, coconut, palm sugar, salted fish and so much more. After operating luxury tours here for more than 20 years, we’ve seen an explosion in Thailand food tours. But the experience doesn’t come from attending a Bangkok street food crawl or Thai cooking class, It comes from the immersion that the activities can offer, especially when they’re guided by award-winning chefs and culinary commentators.

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Myanmar Cuisine

In a country of cultural wonder, Myanmar food tours are a symbol of both originality and authenticity.

Exploring Myanmar on Asian Food Tours
Cuisine is one of the unexpected delights of traveling to Myanmar. The influences are wide, snippets of its neighbors fusing into a national cuisine: India, China, Thailand, even Tibet. The cauldron of contrasting flavors is as mind-boggling as the temples of Bagan, yet can only be experienced when you traverse the country, for localized specialities are what make Myanmar’s culinary experience. From a curry restaurant in Yangon to sharing a meal with monks, we love to imbue a focus on food into all Myanmar luxury tours. In each destination we can guide you to something new. And if you want to explore in more depth, we can suggest a wide range of tailored cooking and tasting experiences, even including a wine region that nobody knows about.

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Vietnam Food Tours

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s great cuisines, our Vietnam food tours revealing the sublime, the surreal, the sacred and the strange.

Vietnam Food Tours
One of the great highlights of Vietnam is how many times your taste buds are aroused during a single day. Spicy soup in the morning, a cold Vietnamese coffee to refresh, the lunchtime harmony of sweet and salty, an afternoon snack in a French bakery then a lavish evening meal defined by freshness. And that’s just the standard day, without even considering the Vietnam food tours that can be customized into your experience. Asian food tours here connect cuisine with culture and history, so much to tell in just a single bite, so much to share as you crunch into fresh spring rolls or allow the locals to show you the backstreet food carts. After decades guiding visitors to Vietnam, we can suggest a wide range of Vietnam food tours for your itinerary, almost all of them led by iconic local figures.

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India Food Tours

Journeying beyond the stereotypes and celebrating diversity, India food tours show that there’s much more to the country than chilli that burns the tongue.

Asian Culinary Tours in India
India is more a continent than a country, the complexity reflected in both culture and cuisine. A fiery fish vindaloo on the beaches of Goa, a vegetable thali besides the Taj Mahal, admiring the simple curried combination of spinach and cheese. You’ll struggle to go a moment without smelling or tasting something exotic, the dishes in each destination revealing so much about localized culture and customs. Understanding all this food could take a lifetime and our India food tours don’t pretend to show you everything. Instead, we provide a very personalized experience, enabling you to delve into regional classics and ancestral recipes, helping reveal the flavors and nuances found in markets and restaurants. From two-hour introductory cooking classes to roasted meat out in the sand dunes, the diversity of India’s cuisine creates so many avenues for you to explore.

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Malaysia & Borneo Cuisine

Surreal delights, exotic treats, flavors you haven’t experienced is always part of the travel experience in Malaysia and Borneo.

Borneo and Malaysia Food Tours
There is no one iconic dish in Malaysia. There are dozens: curried beef from the interior, fish cured in lemon juice, wild boar and deer from the jungles of Borneo, meals with their roots in India or China. Expert guides help you navigate this culinary diversity, exotic flavors rolling around the tongue every single day, the food always enhanced by the beauty of the setting. Cooking classes, meeting the chefs, exploring the markets...and fine dining in the most exotic of destinations.

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Cambodia Cuisine

A cuisine as distinctive as Angkor; customized Cambodia food tours as unique as a crumbling temple enveloped by roaming tree roots.

Cambodia Food Tours
Khmer history infused with French flavors, coconut fish wrapped in banana leaf, a sour fish soup to seduce the senses. Our Cambodia food tours span the spectrum of the country’s cuisine, always customizing the experience to your palate and interests. We arrange cooking classes led by chefs that have pioneered Cambodia’s culinary resurgence. We guide you down city streets where traders’ shouts mingle with enticing smells and strange dishes. Authentic and atmospheric, these are Asian food tours that delight in their diversity, so much to add on during your discovery of Cambodia’s world-famous sights.

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Laos Cuisine

Outstanding restaurants, hidden favorites, cooking with the best and exploring the spices...our Laos food tours are customized to your interests and palate.

Laos Food Tours
Laos food tours can lead you in so many directions, all of them united in a sense of being unique. Learn to cook with the villagers in bamboo huts, sample rare delicacies from the jungles of the north, take a break with French pastries and discover upmarket restaurants that mingle French ideas with Indochina’s produce. The culinary journey across Laos has many stops and many styles, making it one of the most idiosyncratic countries for an Asian food tour. The cuisine is also ideal for our style to touring, with many customizable options that can be incorporated into every day you spend in the country.

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Bhutan Cuisine

Heavy and spicy, Bhutan’s food doesn’t impress on every palate. But food experiences are an intimate way to discover more about the country.

Bhutan as Part of Food Tours in Asia
If you haven’t seen a Bhutanese restaurant before it’s for good reason. Like almost everything else here, Bhutanese food is something you’ll only experience when you actually travel. And while the mix of chilli and yak meat isn’t for everyone, experimenting with the food is essential to the local experience and can be a great way to connect with the locals. And if you’re not impressed with Bhutan’s food, we’ve sampled the growing roster of international restaurants, ensuring you always have somewhere agreeable to dine in the evening.

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Singapore Foodie Tours

International fine dining and exceptional street food make Singapore a world culinary standout; we guide you to the very best restaurants and local dishes.

Singapore Food Tours
The great highlight of Singapore food tours is the opportunity to follow your personal tastes. Sample Michelin dining from chefs that have learnt in the world’s diverse kitchens, hop between stands on Singapore street food tours, learn to cook with legendary figures from the culinary world, sample the old colonial favorites or try ingenious creations from unknown kitchens. We delight in customizing our Singapore food tours, taking everyone on a different route through the city dependent on their tastes. It might just be for a single day. But on a multi-day itinerary you can be fully immersed in all the angles that make Singaporean cuisine so revered.

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Sri Lanka

Sensual and sublime, Sri Lanka food tours celebrate the best of the coast and the freshest flavors from the hills.

Sri Lanka Food Tours
It’s hard to find fresher food than what you’ll taste in Sri Lanka. Seafood arrives from colorful wooden fishing boats, tea plantations arouse the senses, herbs and spices thrive in lush jungle climate. Mix it all together and you have something indelibly unique and fun. Sri Lanka food tours are an ode to both the freshness and joviality of local cooking, a journey through scents unknown to the nostrils, and an easy insight into the culture of the country. Customized experiences with food are elements of most days in the country, from a decadent colonial afternoon tea to cooking in a rustic backstreet kitchen. We guide you to iconic restaurants in the cities, lead you through the vibrant plantations, and customize the these culinary tours in Asia with a wide range of culinary experiences.

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