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We arrange a photography tour each season, focusing on the region's finest destinations for shooting and often lead by Palo Alto-based award-winning photographer Mark Tuschman. Please browse our past and upcoming photography tours. Even if you cannot make one of our trips, we plan private tours for those with a strong or even moderate interest in photography, arranging similar itineraries with ideal times and locations, as well as facilitating those all important people encounters for portrait images. During an unprecedented period of changes, there has never been a better time to plan for a photography tour of Asia. Browse our recommendations here, although we organize photography guides and activities in every location we tour.

Few places in the world are as remote and unspoiled as Bhutan, nor with the fanatastic landscapes in the Land of the Dragon Kingdon with expansive green valleys set beneath the Himalayas dotted with centuries-old Dzongs. This trip will feature the people and places of the country during the most spectacular time of the year to visit—during the colorful Tshechus, or festivals. Always a highlight of Asia photography tours with limited hotel availability, advance planning for your trip is encouraged. Read more »
M Y A N M A R  
Our photography tour of Myanmar with award-winning photographer Mark Tuschman, exploring one the last, untouched treasures in Asia. After forty years, Myanmar has opened up to the world and our tour photographed the golden stupas of Yangon, drifted by hot air balloon over the vast temple plain in Bagan, explored Myanmar's spiritual side in Mandalay, and at trip's end explored the sublime landscapes if Inle Lake. More »
V I E T N A M  &  A N G K O R 
Of all the photography tours in Asia, Vietnam should be near the top of your list. Our past Vietnam & Angkor Photography Tour spent two days in the capital, Hanoi, capturing a stoic city on the cusp of transformative development and then explored regions of Vietnam with exceptional landscapes, including UNESCO World Heritage site Halong Bay, the vaulting terraced rice fields and hilltribes in and around high-mountain Sapa on the border of China, and traveling south through Saigon into the busy Mekong Delta. In Vietnam's far south the group cruised across into Cambodia and up the beautiful stretches of the Mekong River into Phnom Penh, one of Asia's most fascinating cities. At trip's end, the group photographed the magnificent tableau of stone temples at Angkor. More »
  Y U N N A N  
While development spreads across every corner of China, Yunnan remains a blissful escape. In the far southwest of the country, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, Yunnan features 20,000-foot peaks, karst river valleys (including the famous Li and upper Yangtze), and although comprising only less than four percent of the country’s land area, Yunnan holds roughly half of China’s bird and mammal species, including the rare snow leopard, lynx, musk deer, golden monkey and black-necked crane. Our Yunnan photography tour visited during the picturesque harvest season, when the terraced rice fields were golden yellow and the skies bright blue. After Yunnan, the group visited the "City of Gods"—Lhasa, Tibet—photographing Potola Palace and high mountain vistas.
NORTH INDIA  | Private custom trip
India’s unique location blesses it with a topographical diversity that is unparalleled in the world. From an extended peninsula in the south that kisses two great oceans of the world, to the majestic Himalayas in the north that creates a natural barricade from central Asia, from the Thar desert in the west to the jungles and hills of the north-east, India’s topography is second in diversity to only its people.

But when we speak of India we not only speak of the land but also the unique mix of her people, their culture, food and language. It’s a treat for all your senses. This seven day photo tour of Northern India, commencing from New Delhi and culminating in Varanasi, essentially, brings to you the best of architecture, culinary, architecture and religious experiences from this part of the world; something which you have likely never experienced before on a single tour
. Read More »


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