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How do we develop a personal vision? With the advent of digital photography, everyone has become a "photographer" yet there are few who really see and create images that are compelling and dynamic. In this course, we will work with each participant to help them develop his or her unique vision; the workshop will culminate in a collection of images that will be visual gifts to us all.

There are two separate but interrelated processes: the first is being both conscious of what we choose to include in our viewfinder and of course, what we choose to exclude. Secondly, once we have captured an image that speaks to us, what enhancements can we make using the tools of digital photography to either augment or transform the image so it coincides with the intention we had when we chose to click the shutter?

The destinations in Vietnam and Cambodia have been chosen to provide maximum visual possibilities.

In the pre introductory meeting, we will review each participants work, give feedback, and optionally, have each person write a short paragraph or two on what they like about photography, what is their purpose in making images and what are the themes that they want to express in their work. In the meeting after our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, we will review the images created. Each participant will be asked to pick between 6-10 of their favorite images to be discussed in a friendly critique. We will then work together as a group interpreting selected images through Photoshop.

Mark Tuschman has been a professional photographer with nearly 30 years of experience. His primary commercial work has been for healthcare and pharmaceutical clients and he is known nationally as an excellent photographer of people in their environments. His personal work involves working with non-profit organizations in the field of women's rights, both in reproductive healthcare and in microfinance. He also loves doing landscape photography. For a full range of his work, please visit: and

Robert Kato has been photographically capturing fine art images for over three decades. His extensive art education has provided him with a strong foundation in the art of seeing as well as visual communication. His photographic journey began soon after he developed his first roll of film and watched his first print "magically" appear in the developer tray. That magic reappeared with the advent of digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop helped to satisfy his ambition of becoming a painter and now the mouse has become his brush and the monitor his palette. The photographic paintings were created with an Iris printer. Presently, he works as a fine art digitographer and master printmaker providing post-production assistance to traditional as well as digital photographers. Sharing his expertise, he provides photographers with several aesthetic options for creating a unique photographic expression that can be a departure from the original image. For a full range of his work, please visit:

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