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Private, custom journeys that explore the heart and soul of the Middle Kingdom

Our private China luxury tours combine contrasting worlds of ancient and dizzying modernization. Explore the classical symbols of history and the dazzling cityscapes of tomorrow, the elegance of the old, new worlds, to forgotten cultures hidden between mountain folds. Aside from Japan, no other country in Asia offers the breadth of widely contrasted experiences and destinations that China does, country where you could travel in a thousand different directions and always be fully immersed in local culture and lifestyles. .

All our tours are expertly tailored to your interests, incorporating must-see highlights you don't want to miss while exposing you to places, people and activities you may not have considered. We fine tune your tour to the smallest details, from hotel room preferences to dining arrangements. These featured luxury tours are a small sample of custom tours that we organize, a starting point to get you excited about visiting the Middle Kingdom.

Great wall of China

Highlights of the Middle Kingdom's natural and cultural wonders
From Beijing to Hong Kong, explore the ancient and modern treasures of China. Explore not only the classic highlights such as The Great Wall, Xi'An's stone soldiers, but also ancient hutongs, markets, villages, tea farms and river towns.

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Hong Kong dim sum lesson, China cuisine

Explore Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong's culinary landscapes
Explore China's culinary capitals Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong from exotic street eats to world-class venues, visting markets, and enjoying cooking classes and time with premier chefs, including Paul Pairet of Ultraviolet.

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Pavilion at the Aman at the Summer Palace

Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong
In a country of striking contrasts these destinations most symbolize the diversity of China. This trip connects them, immersing you in what seems like different countries.

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terra-cotta warriors, Xian, China tours

Tailored activities to enchant children and adults alike
So much in China is unique. On this tour you take giant footsteps across the Great Wall, before taking a toboggan back down. You learn Kung Fu with a Shaolin Temple master and discover the serenity of the ancient craft.

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Rice Field Terraces in Yunnan

Tradition and nature collide in verdant southwest China
Yunnan doesn't feel like the rest of the China. This is the corner of the minority tribes, the home of 8th-century villages, a province where landscapes have been unchanged for thousands of years.

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These two great cities of China are where the past, present and future intersect as this vast nation hurtles towards global superpower status.

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Tibetan monk outside of monastery

Journey through the kingdom in the sky
Tibet dazzles, an isolated world where monks wander barefoot and Himalayan peaks stand above ancient monasteries. It's one of the world's great bucket-list destinations, such intimacy and originality found at every turn.

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Traditional costumes at the Aman in Hangzhou, China

A classic layover in cities that marry exoticism with tradition
Capitalist design is tempered by Oriental order and harmony in Hong Kong, a land of old meeting new, a magical archipelago trapped between the past and the future.

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Boat ride on Yangtze river

Walk, hike and cruise through dramatic World Heritage landscapes.
Culture and history often takes centerstage on China luxury travel. Which helps keeps the natural world a well-kept secret. In Guilin, a landscape of limestone karst and rice paddies creates new definitions of green.

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giant panda at Chengdu, China tours

China has an astonishing forty one UNESCO World Heritage sites
Yet it's not just a destination of the past. What's happening in China today is just as compelling, with visitors exploring a fascinating era of unprecedented sweeping change.

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It's the little details that create the luxury of experience
China has pushed the global boundaries of luxury travel in recent years. Many of the world's finest luxury hotels have opened their doors, including prestigious properties such as the Aman Summer Palace and the Waldorf Astoria Beijing with its very own hutong villa.

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Chef Jowett Yu at Hong Kong

The Ultimate Culinary Tour of Asia
Canvas the finest culinary experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok withLos Angeles impresario Neal Fraser for this once-in-a-lifetime journey across Asia’s culinary capitals. Explore China's culinary capitals Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong from exotic street eats to world-class venues, visiting markets, and enjoying cooking classes and time with premier chefs.

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Monks at Amanfayun in Hangzhou

A select handful of the rare and resplendent
Shanghai is the city of the future and we can arrange introductions with contemporary artists and new generation entrepreneurs.

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Beijing Opera actor, luxury china tour

Managing the cultural overland, tailoring the journey
Family luxury travel in the Middle Kingdom. China delights in the unique. Pandas munching on bamboo, barely five meters away. The baffling statuesque figures of the Terracotta Warriors, each with a distinctive facial expression.

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Explore the Very Best of Asia
Extend your Luxury China tour l in the region on this ultimate private journey in Asia. Over three to four weeks, journey from Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and through Bangkok, experiencing the very finest properties, dining, sightseeing and shopping. Our curated adventures, personal encounters, activities, have been finely tuned over our two decades in the region.

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The Indochina Travel Difference in China

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Asia changes quickly and is, well, very different from trip planning to other places. Many of our travelers have never used a tour company before.


We were the 1st American tour company to open offices Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and the first to organize specialty adventure, arts, photography, and culinary trips.

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Toss the guidebook. Discover the authentic, away from crowds, overlooked gems, immersive activities, and encounters that provide real insight into places.

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Toss the guidebook and skip the sites and tourist traps. Thrill to unique insider experiences, fascinating people encounters, and activities that only we arrange.


We provide consulting and full-service booking on your international flights and arrange all regional and in-country flights.

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Access our decades of experience in the region on an entirely private custom trip, enjoying insider access, exceptonal people, and activities few travelers experience.

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Relax while we handle airlines, visas, and all other incedentals, including VIP immigration for your arrivals. Benefit from attentive local offices, experienced staff, and premier guides.

Culinary Delights

We organized the 1st culinary trips in Indochina. We plan and organize our dining from street eats to formal. See the remarkable people behind our culinary trips.

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Experienced travelers know the guide makes the trip. Our guides and staff are the most experienced, knowledgeable, and also best paid in Asia.


Enjoy a private trip for what many companies charge for a group trip, all with equal or better quality guides, itinerary, and accommodation.

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