Japanese tea cermony


Japanese life is as distinct as it is refined: the art, the food, the architecture stand out uniquely from the rest of the world, balancing simplicity and deep aesthetic principles. Sushi, geisha, manga, Zen Buddhism…all distinctly Japanese and familiar, yet exotic and shrouded in mystery.

If you are to visit only one country in Asia, it should be Japan. We've organized Japan trips for over 20 years and can ensure your trip will be as unique as the country is.


Vietnam is one of the most vibrant and thrilling places in the world, firmly planted on everyone's must-visit list.  Every turn brings a fascinating sight, bucolic landscape, and the unexpected. But without exception, it is the Vietnamese that strike most travelers. One and all unfailingly friendly and gregarious—indeed they are the most social of peoples as you soon discover shortly after arrival.


Compliment your trip in Thailand or Vietnam with an exploration of the most magnificent stone ruins in the world, a series of temples over hundreds of square miles that is one of the most astonishing wonders of the world. The local town, Siem Reap, has in recent years evolved into one of Asia's most pleasant and interesting, with fabulous dining, a variety of museums, amazing experiences, and vibrant night markets.


Guided by the rhythms of Buddhism and the Mekong, UNESCO-protected Luang Prabang offers spirituality and adventure in the landlocked hinterland of Laos, largely bypassed by travelers—and therein lies it's immense charm. New mountain resorts are among the finest in the world. As many of our past travelers have said, Laos was an unexpected charm, a place from Asia's past they'll never forget.    


The Land of Smiles is also the land of the everything from picturesque white- sand beaches fronting world-class resorts , night markets of the world's best street food, magnificent gilded temples. Imagine drifting down jungle rivers on a bamboo raft then indulging at a spa in the wilderness. A luxury train to Singapore. Exotic cities contrasting hill tribe villages and elephant camps , atmospheric streets with the solitude of nature. This is a country with a thousand unique angles, tied together by the vibrant culture of a nation that loves to welcome visitors. Thailand is the perfect destination for a first trip to.


The most reclusive and exclusive of destinations in the world. The vibrant festival season, soaring Himalayan peaks, glacial valleys and evergreen forests are unique to Asia. Combines well with Myanmar.


Bali is the place of dreams. Ancient ruins shrouded in jungle, exotic fire dances, towering volcanic peaks. Where forested hills appear to roll into the sea. Legendary resorts and world-class diving. 


Explore the magnificent natural and wild animal treasures of Malaysian Borneo's ancient rainforest, spotting Orangutans, sea turtle's hatching, exploring jungles, wild rivers, volcanoes, lakes, and islands.

Balloons over Bagan


As you've no doubt heard, there is no place quite like Myanmar, a place many of our travelers remark was a once in a lifetime journey. Closed to the world for decades, Myanmar is one of the last places in Asia to see the past. Explore the legendary cities of Rangoon (Yangon) and Mandalay, the world's largest concentration of ruins in Bagan, and hill tribe villages of the beautiful Shan State featuring some of the most striking landscapes in all of Asia.     


The world's premier destination for viewing an astonishing variety of wildlife wild pygmy elephants, orangutans, exotic birds, and witnessing sea turtles hatch on island nesting grounds.


Explore the ancient treasures of Rajasthan. Experience the country's legendary luxury trains, busy markets, fabulous and complex cuisine, and renowned hotels.

The Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore


The city state now marry its old-world charm with gleaming towers and vibrant modern culture, including the most up-and-coming arts scene in Asia.


Private, custom journeys that explore the heart and soul of the Middle Kingdom Our private China luxury tours combine contrasting worlds of ancient and dizzying modernization. Explore icons of history and the dazzling cityscapes of tomorrow, the elegance of the old, new worlds, to forgotten cultures hidden between mountain folds. Aside from Japan, no other country in Asia offers the breadth of widely contrasted experiences and destinations that China does, country where you could travel in a thousand different directions and always be fully immersed in local culture and lifestyles. .     

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