"A person who gets deculturalised—and I nearly was, so I know this danger—loses his self -confidence. He suffers from a sense of deprivation. For optimum performance a man must know himself and the world. He must know where he stands. I may speak the English language better than the Chinese language because I learn English early in life. But I will never be an Englishman in a thousand generations and I have not got the Western value system inside; mine is an Eastern value system. Nevertheless, I use Western concepts, Western words because I understand them. But I also have a different system in my mind."
—Lee Kuan Yew, Former Prime Minister of Singapore

Singapore has been called the"Geneva of Asia," owing to its concentration of banking and conservative nature. Once dubbed the most boring city in Asia, the city state now marries its old-world charm with gleaming and vibrant modern culture. A trade off being a financial center is Singapore is wonderfully manicured, lush and green, spaciously laid-out, efficient and easy to get around in, and relative to much of Asia, refreshingly clean and tidy. Its world-leading flagship airline offers a fabulous and comfortable transfer to Asia and Changi Airport is also consistently rated the world’s best.

Singapore hosts world-class arts venues and shows, fine dining, and it's street food is renowned throughout Asia. Formula One takes place each September at the Singapore Grand Prix.

One of the "Four Asian Tigers" along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, Singapore is the world’s second-largest port (after Shanghai) as is its national airline, Singapore Air. The economy heavily depends on the industry and service sectors and Singapore is a world leader in several of these areas. It is the world's fourth leading financial center, the world's second biggest casino-based gambling market, and the world's top three oil refining center.

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