Singapore Travel Notes

Need to Know

No visa is required for Singapore. Although a pleasant stop inbound on the the world's finest airline, Singapore can be out of the way for many destinations in Asia such as Japan and China.

Singapore — When to go

┬áSingapore in December and January is at it's coolest, at night in the 70s, warming into the 80s during the day. December and January experience a Northeast Monsoon during it's “wet phase” (October to January) and a “dry phase” (February and March). May and June are the hottest months. The wet phase witnesses a clockwork-like, continuous moderate to heavy rainfall in the afternoons and early evenings. The dry phase is cool and pleasant with comparatively little or no rain. Humidity is high, averaging over 80%.

Readings & Media

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 Timeout Singapore's Little Black Book of sightseeing, attractions, dining, shopping, arts and much more.

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 The YesGUIDE is a Comprehensive 50-page Guide to Singapore

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