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Hearing the word India it is hard not to imagine a developing world and the worn anecdotes that goes with it. Your first impressions will only strengthen that notion. But look further. It's only when you reach the end of an India tour that you appreciate that there's so much more than what meets the eye. It's a nation that's struggling to shake off an age old identity in order to transform, yet all the while it's trying to retain the values from its past. And that's absolutely fascinating. It creates a country of diversity in every form and every sense of the word.

Our private India tours are individualized to your interests. They're all based on the unique balance of local authenticity and comforting luxury. These trip ideas are a starting point to help get you inspired. We work with you to fine tune the details of every tour.

Potterer in Mumbai, India

An insider's perspective on India's artistic legacy.
An insider's tour of India's design, arts, crafts and stunning architecture. Uncover a pink city untouched in the desert. Find trinkets and antiques in backstreet Delhi stores. Search contemporary art studios that redefine the country's image.

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Houseboats Cruising in Kerala

Go far off the beaten track in a mesmerizing region.
South India doesn't make it onto most India itineraries. Yet what it lacks in fame, it more than makes up for in inimitability. This is where you'll discover astonishing World Heritage Sites and inspiring personal encounters, without another tourist in sight.

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Tholpetty Elephant Sanctuary, India

An adventure through fabulous landscapes and cultures.
This two-week tour creates an entirely new perspective on the Indian experience. Kayaking through Kerala's backwaters, trekking through cardamon forests to hidden lakes, cycling from historic towns to palm-fringed beaches.

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Maharaja express at Taj Mahal

Opulant luxury on rails
Experience one of the finest rail journeys in the world through the picturesque landscapes of Rajasthan.

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Gathering at Pushkar camel fair, India

All of tours are private, custom-tailored trips
All of tours are private, custom-tailored trips. Below is a simple itinerary, although our custom trips typically differ. Please click here to request more information on a private tour.

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Oberoi Udavilas Aerial View

An Iconic Indian Travel Itinerary
Encompassing the legendary highlights of North India, this 10-day private tour is ripe for customization. With the famous destinations as a base, all manner of your whims and idiosyncrasies can be satisfied.

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Young Indian in front of Camera

India in Focus
Blessed by topographical diversity from an extended peninsula in the south that kisses the Indian ocean, to the majestic Himalayas in the north that creates a natural barricade from central Asia, from the Thar desert in the west to the jungles and hills of the north-east, India’s topography is second in diversity to only its people, a colorful and unique mix, with distinct culture, food and language. It’s a treat for all senses and one of the world's most fascinating and rewarding destinations for photographers.

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Udaipur Lake in Rajasthan, India

Explore the contrasts and soak up the spirituality.
Every moment is unique in the north of India. Following a religious procession to the Ganges, experiencing the passion of a Punjabi border closing ceremony, riding an elephant through a pink city, meeting distinctive tribes and exploring Hinduism's holiest city.

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Painted elephant at Holi festival, India

Perfecting the details so you can fully savor the difference.
India is different. Exotic smells drifting past incense-driven temples, colorful religious processions winding past the Taj Mahal, waking up to urban-adapted monkeys playing on the rooftops.

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Child on family tour of India

Making India safe and simple for families.
Few could claim that India is an easy country for traveling with kids. The country can be tough for the most hardy and experienced of travelers. Yet there is a rich appeal and certainly with older children, an India family vacation is not beyond the realms of possibility.

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Temple in New Delhi, India

Some experiences take centerstage in this surreal country.
Glimpse the Taj Mahal for the first time and understand immediately why it’s the world’s great monument to love.

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Entry of Oberoi Luxury Hotel in Kolkata, India

Helping you navigate India’s colorful chaos.
India is raw and untamed, a country that excels in the authentic. You don’t need to search for personal and unique encounters; they come to you. Often it’s overwhelming. Sometimes it’s overpowering.

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Spices used in Indian cooking

Much more than just spices.
India has been aptly called the Land of Spices. Indeed, no country produces as many varieties of spices found in India and this is reflected in the complexity of the cuisine.

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Hindu Brahmins in India

Is there a more authentic country on the planet?
Enchantment is everywhere in India. Children flying kites from the Varanasi rooftops, camels silhouetted at sunset in the Thar Desert, lines of pilgrims being blessed at a temple entrance. Authenticity is everywhere.

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