Vietnam Private Luxury Tours

Travel in one of the world's most exotic and thrilling destinations is no longer challenging, with an assortment of world-class luxury hotels and beach resorts. Since 1994, as the first North American tour operator in Vietnam, we've planned one-of-a-kind, custom private luxury tours for thousands of travelers while organizing the first Arts, photography, cycling, culinary and other unique tours in Vietnam. Travel with not the only most experienced company, but a boutique, private-only tour operator, that is nimble enough to change as quickly as Vietnam does, steering you away from the crowds and guidebook sites, and crafting a trip that showcases only the finest and most authentic of Vietnam.

What to know? Toss the guidebook... no museums nor pagodas are worth your time, rather, Vietnam's prize is it its people—famously gregarious, warm and endearing. Vietnam is a country of stunning contrasts, from the busy ancient capital, Hanoi, that recently celebrated it's millennium founding, the vast emerald rice fields that seemingly cover most of the land, to the hundreds of striking karts towers on Halong Bay that prove Vietnam features some of Asia's most striking landscapes. As you've heard, the cuisine is magnificent, from street to elegant dining in French villas. Your trip will be carefully planned and monitored from both our San Francisco and Hanoi offices by dedicated staff. As Vietnam changes, seemingly week-to-week, we've stayed ahead of the crowds and will craft a trip that showcases on the finest of Vietnam. Our guides and local experts are the most experienced in the country and your trip will be carefully monitored from our offices in Hanoi and Hoi An by a dedicated tour manager. Plan your ultimate Vietnam family tour with us or read some tours ideas below to begin planning your trip.

Cooking class on Halong Bay, Vietnam

Iron Chef Vietnam
Discover why Bourdain and countless others wax poetic about what we've saying since 1994—Vietnam is one of the world's top culinary destinations. Our Vietnam culinary trips have been organized for over 20 years, featuring fabulous street eats, markets, farms, formal dining, with chef introductions and hands-on cooking.

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Vietnamese rice paddy farmer replanting seedlings

Vietnam in Focus
Few destinations in the world, or people, are more photogenic than Vietnam. We've been hosting photographers since 1994. Sublime landscapes of drowned karst, vaulting terraced rice files, colonial-era architectural grandeur, and white-sand beaches, along with the famously gregarious Vietnamese, make the country a must-visit for photographers.

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Vietnamese Artist Dinh Quan's Little Emperor

The Ultimate Art experiences in Vietnam
Meet premier artists up close and personal, in their home galleries, working in a variety of mediums from traditional "thread art" to contemporary lacquer. Canvas architectural highlights of the capital, Imperial ruins on the central coast, and Vietnam's unique tradtional crafts, up close and personal.

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Bao Dap Cathedral, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Very Best of Vietnam
Explore the very best of the unique and striking collection of Vietnam's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from elegant Hanoi, sublime Halong Bay, ancient Hue, and charming Hoi An. Along the way, enjoy sights, places, activities, eating, and private personal encounters few travelers experience. In addition, if you've the time we recommend extending for 2-3 days in "prize of Southeast Asia" —the magnifent temples at Angkor.

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Family kayaking on Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Number One Kid Destination in Asia!
Forget The Great Wall, Tokyo's Manga and Cosplay, or Thailand's beach resorts... For children, no other destination in Asia, or much of the world, is as fascinating nor thrilling as Vietnam. We've hosted exciting family adventures for over 20 years and travel the region with our own children. Discover the many charms of Vietnam, our terrific and very unique activities, and delight in many encounters with "kid-crazy" Vietnamese. We plan authentic experiences, visiting schools, farms, and small villages away from the crowds.

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Khai Dinh Tomb, Vietnam

Vietnam North to South
From stoic Hanoi, cruising on picturesque Halong Bay, imperial treasures of Hue, charming Hoi An, buzzing Saigon, and the emerald green vistas of the Mekong Delta, experience the very best of Vietnam—fascinating personal encounters, magnificent cuisine, vibrant arts, and unique regional cultures.

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Halong Bay luxury charter crew welcoming

Romance in Vietnam
Experience romantic Indochine, from picturesque tree-lined boulevards in Hanoi, private junk on sublime Halong Bay, magnificent planned dining, special private encounters and activities, all curated especially for couples.

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Tribal women in Sapa, Vietnam

Experience Authentic Vietnam
Toss the guidebook—experience an authentic Vietnam without museums, temples, or crowds—only personal encounters, unique sights, and unique activities mark this immersive journey through the Land of Nine Dragons.

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Bangkok's Royal Palace

Vietnam, Laos & Angkor with Thailand
Over three weeks, explore Thailand's four kingdoms, bucolic northern Laos, magnificent ruins of a Khmer Empire at Angkor, and everyone's favorite—Vietnam. World-class accommodations feature the legendary Metropole in Hanoi, the Nam Hai, the region's premier beach resort, and the renowned Mandarin Oriental along Bangkok's Chao Praya River. With pre-arranged visas, VIP immigration, exclusive personal encounters, dining arrangements, dedicated tour manager and premier escorts, you may relax and enjoy this journey to the fullest.

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Family cycling tour in Vietnam

Vietnam With Kids
No other place enthralls or enchants like Vietnam, nor have people as "kid-crazy" as the Vietnamese. As parents, we enjoy arranging unique adventures, fascinating encounters, and places that keep children and teens engaged and curious. School visits, hands-on art activities with premier artists, delightful cooking classes, pleasant countryside biking and kayaking on Halong Bay, hill tribe encounters, and much more. All under the watchful eye of an experienced and dedicated, local tour manager and guides with over a decade of experience with children.

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Volunteer nurse in Vietnam for the University of California, San Francisco Vietnam Nurse Project

Sublime Cycling and More
We pioneered bicycle tours in Vietnam 1994 through our adventure outfit, VeloAsia. So many things have changed about Vietnam since then, but one thing has not—some of the most amazing sights and experiences to be had in Vietnam are on two-wheels. We provide for any ability, or simply mix in cycling in places not to miss by bike, such as the picturesque northwest (above), easy scenic and flat stretches of the central coast, or conquering grueling 19-mile Dai Ninh Pass into the central highlands. Trips feature full-support, experienced guides, dedicated tour manager, sumptuos hotels, imported bikes, and a long record of safety first.

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Donating books in rural  Vietnam school

Volunteering in Vietnam
Make a difference and enjoy delightful encounters by volunteering during your trip. We can arrange from a few hours, to multiple-day assigments, with schools, in health care (nursing), and elephant sancturies.

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Hill tribe women walking in north Vietnam village

Hill Tribes and Mountains
The traditional tribes and mountain landscapes of Northwest of Vietnam are among the most picturesque and fascinating in all of Asia. Colorful tribes remain in small villages in farms, living a way of life that has existed for hundreds of years.

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Limestone peaks in Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Cultural Triangle
With a shorter time in Vietnam, then Hanoi, Halong Bay, and the northwest hill tribe region are the country's not-to-miss. Our unique take on these places captures the very best of each, customized to your preferences.

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Honeymoon couple at Song Saa Private island in Cambodia

Vietnam, Laos & Angkor Wat
Experience the very best luxury travel in Indochina. Our trips not only canvas the very best of Indochina from Hanoi, Halong Bay aboard a private charter, tranquil Luang Prabang, and the magnificent ruins at Angkor, but fill in all the special touches-including visas, expedited arrival, concierge and guides on call, the very best dining, and exclusive, insider people encounters and activities.

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Halong Bay private luxury charter

The Very Best of Southeast Asia
Extend your Vietnam luxury tour with the ultimate private luxury travel experience in Southeast Asia. Over three to four weeks, journey from Hanoi, to Angkor Wat, Bangkok, and Mandalay, experiencing the very finest properties, dining, sightseeing and shopping. Our curated adventures, personal encounters, activities, have been finely tuned over our two decades in the region.

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The Indochina Travel Difference in Thailand

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Asia changes quickly and is, well, very different from trip planning to other places. Many of our travelers have never used a tour company before.


The first American tour company to open offices in Indochina and to organize specialty adventure, arts, photography, and culinary trips.

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Toss the guidebook and discover the authentic, away from crowds, overlooked gems, immersive activities & thrilling encounters for real insight into places you visit.

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Skip the boring, the unremarkable, and tourist traps. Thrill to unique insider experiences, fascinating people encounters, and activities that only we arrange.


We provide full-service booking for your international flights, discounted and refundable, and arranging of all regional and in-country flights.

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Access our decades of experience in the region on an entirely private custom trip, enjoying insider access, exceptional people, maximum flexibility, and activities few travelers experience.

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Relax while we handle airlines, visas, and all other incedentals, including VIP immigration for your arrivals. Benefit from attentive local offices, experienced staff, and premier guides.

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We organized the first culinary tours of Indochina. We plan and organize dining from the best street eats to elegant venues. See our remarkable culinary trips.

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Experienced travelers know the guide makes the trip. Our guides are the most experienced and knowledgeable, typically with two decades in their position.


Enjoy a custom private trip for what most others charge for group trips, with better quality guides, services, itinerary, unique activities, and hotels.

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Even very experienced travelers return from their trips thrilled about thier journey with us. Ask us for references and read our testimonials.

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