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Thailand provides a comfortable, modern yet exotic destination in exciting Southeast Asia. While not as adventurous as nearby destinations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, the trade off is legendary resorts on pristine, palm-fringed beaches, fabulous cuisine, exotic and spiritual culture, with all the conveniences and luxury travel amenities one would expect anywhere in the world.

The sprawling megalopolis Bangkok, where gilded temples and palaces front the busy Chao Praya River, to the lush mountain river valleys of the infamous Golden Triangle in the tranquil far north, and white sand beaches in the far south, Thailand offers a breadth of landscapes, attractions and activities unmatched in the region. The Land of a Thousand Smiles as Thailand is known, is one of the most popular countries in the world due in large part to the unfailingly gracious and warm people who are relaxed and easy going.

Ancient Thai art parchment

Following a thrilling stopover in Bangkok, travel to the laid back north to discover the tranquil culture of the "Lanna Thai." In Chiang Mai, explore verdant landscapes, sacred temples and monastries, elephant camps, infamous night bazaars, and sample fiery dishes the north is known for. Further north lies the a nexus of borders between Laos and Myanmar, an area around the city of Chiang Rai that was known as the Golden Triangle where decades ago drug smuggling ruled the local economy. These days, Chiang Rai is known for its bohemian enclave, formed by the country's top artists who have moved into the area from Bangkok, and luxury resorts, including the renowned Four Seasons Tented Camp. Here too are are diverse mix of colorful hilltribes, providing fascinating personal encounters.

Like other destinations in the area, we excel at providing experiences no other luxury travel company can provide, including private artist encounters, photography itineraries, culinary focus, including informal chef demonstrations. Of course, you may also expect a better value for your trip—a private tour about the cost of what other companies, such as Abercrombie & Kent, charge for their group trips.

Why go? Thailand is one of the most popular country in the world, with decades head start in tourism, providing an extensive tourist infrastructure and dozens of world-class luxury hotels. At the moment, Bangkok is the most interesting culinary destination in the world, worth a quick stop before escaping to bucolic luxury resorts in the mountains of the north, the magnificent islands in the south, or nearby destinations, including the grand temples at Angkor, sublime Luang Prabang, and undeveloped Myanmar.

Indochina's Recommended Luxury Trip Ideas to Thailand

North Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand
Private Luxury Touring | World Heritage Sites
Enjoy Vietnam's thrilling north, ancient Hanoi and picturesque Halong Bay, the Khmer temples of Angkor, and busy Bangkok, Extend your stay to enjoy relaxing on one of Thailand's incredible beach resorts.
    Classic Thailand
Private Luxury Touring | Golden Triangle, Bangkok & Phuket
A Grand Tour of Thailand exploring the legendary Golden Triangle and artist community of Chiang Rai, the Lanna Thai culture of Chiang Mai, dazzling Bangkok, and at trip's end, relaxing on the golden beaches of Thailand's islands to the south.
Koh Yao Thaland beach cove    
Thailand Honeymoon
Private Luxury Touring | Romantic Escape in Siam
From romantic dinners and river cruises in the capital city, elephant camps, colorful hilltribes, sacred temples and remote resorts in the picturesque north, and escape to the one of Thailand's finest luxury beach resorts on Krabi, Samui, or Phuket at trip's end.
    Luxury Culinary Thailand Tour with Vietnam
Private Luxury Touring | Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An & Bangkok
Both Vietnam and Thailand are Asia's most exciting culinary destianations. Vietnam has firmly planted itself on the world culinary stage and on this trip learn and master regional specialities in Hanoi, ancient cuisine of the royal capital, Hue, and modern fusion in Hoi An. In Bangkok, explore the most interesting city in the world for cuisine.
Mekong Cruising
Private Luxury Touring | Bangkok, Angkor & Mekong Delta
A pleasant cruise on the legendary Mekong River, preceded by a thrilling two days in Bangkok, exploring the magnificent Khmer temples at Angkor, and after a week on the Mekong, ending in vibrant Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).
    Thailand Art Encounter
Private Luxury Touring | Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai
An intimate journey through Thailand's traditional and contemporary art scene, from galleries and spaces in Bangkok, to the bohemian communities cropping up in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai with private artist encounters with such notable figures as Thawan Duchanee (above)
Chiang Rai elephant trek     Kayaking Ang Thong Marine Park
Thailand Honeymoon
Private Luxury Touring | Romantic Escape in Siam
From romantic dinners and river cruises in the capital city, soft adventure exploring elephant camps, colorful hilltribe villages, sacred temples and sublime resorts in the picturesque Golden Triangle, and at trip's end, escape to the one of Thailand's finest luxury beach resorts on Krabi, Samui, or Phuket..
    Active Thailand
Biking, Trekking, and Kayaking
Thailand offers world-class water sports, from diving to kayaking in national marine parks, mountain bikings for all abilities in the lush jungles of the Golden Triangle, and trekking through primitive rain forest beneath the karst peaks of Khao Sok National Park. During this adventure, play hard as you like and retreat to renowned resorts at day's end.

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