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Halong Bay luxury cruise
Vietnam Luxury Trips

Travel in one of the world's most exotic and thrilling is no longer challenging, with an assortment of luxury hotels and beach resorts. Since 1993, as the first North American tour operator in Vietnam, we've planned delightful, custom private luxury tours for hundreds of travelers while organizing the first Arts, photography, and culinary tours in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country of stunning contrasts, from the busy ancient capital, Hanoi, that recently celebrated it's millenium founding, the vast emerald rice fields that seemingly cover most of the land, to the placid water of Halong Bay, Asia's most striking landscapes, and hundreds of miles of tropical coastline. Yet Vietnam's largest prize are it its people, famously gregarious, warm and endearing.

As Vietnam changes, seemingly week-to-week, we've stayed ahead of the crowds and will craft a trip that showcases on the finest of Vietnam. Our guides and local experts are the most experienced in the country whom you will get to know well before your arrival. Your trip will be carefully monitored from our offices in Hanoi and Hoi An by a dedicated Tour Manager. Read more about our Vietnam luxury tours below or contact us to begin planning your trip.

Vietnam Luxury Travel Highlights

Playing Dan Bau in Hanoi
Cruising Halong Bay
Hanoi Old Quarter visit with Hong My

We plan exceptional experiences for children of all ages, including private hands-on experiences with local artists, musicians, and others. YOur children will delight conducting their own private water puppets show, performing with the Hanoi traditional opera troupe, and cycling through the Imperial Capital on the central coast.

A luxury cruise on sublime Halong Bay aboard your private junk is an unforgettable experience. In addition to a crew of six, we provide planned menus and the most extensive imported wine list in Vietnam. For special occasions, let us plan an unforgettable birthday or anniversary celebration.

Our over twenty years in Vietnam provides for exceptional access. A sampling of our experiences include visiting with Vietnam's most decorated fighter pilot, Hong My, in his Old Quarter home as he discusses his thrilling dogfights over Hanoi during the war. Meet with the country's most celebrated chef, Didi Corlou, for a private tours of his kitchen as he discusses Vietnam's spices.

Hoan Kiem Lake Red Bridge
Rolling spring rolls on Halong Bay
Artist Dao Anh Khanh in Hanoi

For anniversary or honeymoon travelers, our tours blend the most romantic places and properties in the country, such as the Metropole in Hanoi and a private charter on Halong Bay with special activities.

Fewer cuisines are more celebrated than Vietnamese, but discover the tasty delights unique to each region within Vietnam from north to south, as we meet chefs in both informal and finest restaurants in each destination.

Vietnam has one of the most vigorous art's scene in Asia. Meet with Vietnam's leading artists, including performance Dao Anh Khanh, or Dinh Quan, master of modern lacquer privately in their home galleries and discover what makes Vietnamese art unique.

Nam Hai pool villa, Hoi An, Vietnam
Giant face at Bayon Angkor
Private jet tour Vietnam

Experience the finest accommodations in Vietnam, from French colonial splendor at the Metropole in the capital, to the sumptuous Nam Hai, Indochina's premier beach resort on the central coast. Use our insider knowledge to experience the best at these properties. Read more >

Continue your journey onto two these two renowned World Heritage sites, the magnificent temple legacy of Angkor and the tranquility of shimmering temples along the Mekong in Luang Prabang. Both only short hop from Vietnam, but worlds away in culture. Read more >

Maximize your travel time with a private aircraft charter arranged to meet your long haul flight in Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore. A private charter allows quick hops to neighboring Angkor and Laos as well. Over Halong Bay, a private helicopter tour will take your breath away. Read more >

Why choose Indochina Travel for your Vietnam luxury tour? We know the places, experiences, and provide access that no one else can. Whether celebrating an anniversary or planning a family journey, our journeys offer unforgettable experiences in Vietnam.

Read on to plan your Vietnam luxury travel? Contact us by clicking below or calling us in San Francisco at (415) 680-3788 .