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Luxury Japan Family Tour with Indochina Travel

Japan's famously insular culture was primed during hundreds of years of isolation and feudal conflict. Visitors can certainly enjoy the many unique charms of the country, but truly authentic experiences can be difficult to come by, if not impossible.


Indochina Travel can organize your Japan luxury tour to not only enjoy the finest the country offers, but unique, insider experiences that are the most enriching part of your journey. Visit a sumo training stable typically closed to the public (sharing breakfast and watching the gentle giants workout), enjoying a private tour of the Mori Museum with the director, meet in the private studios of some of Tokyo's most notable artists, and dine in places typically frequented only by locals. We particularly enjoy family trips as there is no other quite like Japan for kids, from amazing animation and robot galleries and museums, ninja houses and feudal castles, shinkansen (bullet train), and snow monkeys.

We can arrange a classic Japan itinerary as the perfect introduction to the country, canvasing ultra-modern Tokyo, sublime Hakone, and the cultural capital, Kyoto, with our exceptional insider experiences in each destination. Travel in style through the country, exploring historic and vibrant cities, rustic villages, Zen gardens and ancient pagodas along with a distinguished expert. Family travel in Japan is exceptional and our Japan family tours feature insightful activities and places your children will thrill to and never forget. Review some of our suggested luxury Japan tour ideas below for inspiration and then contact us to plan your unique, custom tour of the Land of the Rising Sun.


Indochina Travel Japan Experiences

Japanese artist Yuko Sakurai   Geisha in Godan, Kyoto, Japan

Art Encounter Japan

Including Tokyo, Naoshima, Hakine and Kyoto. Kyoto's renowned ancient crafts are experiencing a renaissance, remerging on the world stage and adding another reason to linger in the pleasant city, This trip also include a stopover on Naoshima, the world's only "Art Island" staying at the exclusive Benesse House. In Kyoto revive at the Gora Kadan, Japan's most sumptuous ryokan. At trip's end exploring the vibrant contemporary art and design scene in Tokyo.

Classic & Contemporary Japan

Explore Japan's rich history and dynamic contemporary culture. This insider's journey emphasizes the unique treasures and cultural traditions and lifestyles of each destination. Along the way, personal encounters will provide deeper insight into the country and poignant moments. During this journey, explore the world's most dynamic city, Tokyo, the sublime countryside around Hakone and Mount Fuji, and strolling past geisha in Gion Kyoto and enjoying the quintessential experience— Japanese tea ceremony.
Cosplay Girls in Harajuku   Tokyo chef Seiji Yamamoto

Family Travel in Japan

With few exceptions, Japan is the most fascinating of all destinations for children and we plan some of the most enriching, interesting and thrilling of Japan family tours. Explore the unique wonders of Japan with a focus on family attractions and activities, from the legacies of the feudal system and samurai warrior, colorful cosplay girls, amazing popular technology including futuristic robots, and world-famous animation. Enjoy a visit to a private sumo stable where children can learn hands on the ancient art, a Kyoto studio where children can train to be a ninja, and family cycling along the beautiful, remote northern coast where few travelers ever venture.

Iron Chef Japan

Everything you've heard is true—Japan is the ultimate culinary destination. Dining recommendations will capture the exquisite aesthetics of Japanese food and endlessly appealing diversity. Visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market before it closes its doors forever in 2015, experience the world's finest sushi, tempura, and shabu shabu, but also explore Japan's other lesser known styles, including minimalist kaiseki, grilled delights of teppanyaki and regional specialties (kyōdo-ryōri). Visit Tokyo's sake bars, and informal noodle bars in Gion. Steep in a ritual tea ceremony a temple usually closed to the public.
Seven Stars Luxury Train in Japan   Outdoors & Adventure in Japan

Japan by Slow Train

Japan is known for its bullet trains, but the Seven Stars is a new and exclusive train service crawls past towering volcanoes, hills shrouded in cypress trees and bamboo, emerald green rice fields, and a crisp shorelines dotted with fishing boats and seaweed farms—all from the window of the most luxurious train coaches in the world. Suites feature the finest in Japanese craftsmanship with walls of rosewood and maple, floors of walnut, Shoji paper screens over windows, and hand-etched glass of flowers and birds. We combine this three-day & night luxurious train journey with our unique itineraries in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Outdoors & Adventure in Japan

During this adventurous journey, explore Japan's bucolic landscapes, traveling along rural coastlines, through remote islands, volcanic peaks, bamboo forests, river valleys, hot springs, and rural villages. Explore by bicycle, foot, boat, and train through some Japan's most beautiful settings while enjoying comfort and high aesthetic of the country’s most luxurious hotels and renowned ryokan (inns). Featured destinations include Kamakura, Mount Kōya, Hakone, the islands of Shikoku, Naoshima, and Kyushu, and the remote and tranquil northern shores where few travelers venture.

Japan Family Bike Tour   Kyoto Yasaka Shrine ceremony

Cycling Japan

Japan is wonderful for biking, but many travelers are surprised to learn even Tokyo is a pleasant destination for a bike tour. Indeed, the capital is one of our favorite places for cycling, especially with the kids rolling along quiet back alleys, footpaths, and wide sidewalks with bike lanes, pedaling through unique sites including Tokyo University, Ueno Park and ancient Yanaka Ginza and should be part of any Japan family trip.

In the early 1990s we pioneered cycling tours in Vietnam through our adventure wing VeloAsia, and also organizing longer cycling trips for friends and Japan family tours, traveling through Shikoku Island and other remote places. Let us organize a day of cycling in Kyoto, Tokyo, or longer trips up to a week long that experience a Japan few other travelers experience.


Spiritual Japan

It's easy to mistake the Japanese for a secular society, yet Zen Buddhism and Shintoism lie at the heart of Japanese history and culture, but few travelers really recognize or expereince this during their trip. Seeing a dozen temples in Kyoto may only give one a superficial snapshot. Let us arrange an immersive trip exploring the festivals. ceremonies, rituals, and sacred places in Japan.

Learn how Buddhism influences Japanese society and art. Spend time with a monk in Kyoto during an annual festival, explore Mount Kōya with a nun, staying at a traditional monastery, and visit with artists who produce religious art.

Outdoors & Adventure in Japan

A Sampling of Unique Experiences in Japan with Indochina Travel

Private tour of Tokyo's Mori Museum

Escorted by Director Nanjo Fumio, discover why the Mori is Tokyo's premier contemporary art museum. Located on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the Mori Tower, the museum also offers spectacular, central views of the city from its roof deck.

Private tour of UNESCO World Heritage Temple in Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera Temple was founded in 778 as the closest pilgrimage site to the ancient capital, and since then has been the most popular. The temple, famous not only for its magnificent pagoda, but also its wide veranda, which offers spectacular views of Kyoto. Along with a senior monk from the temple, explore the buildings of the temple learning about its long history while enjoying magnificent views over Kyoto.

Rinzai Zen Meditation in Kyoto

Experience the connection of spirituality and culture with an elder monk at Shunkōin, a sub-temple of the massive Zen temple complex, Myoshinji. During this time at Shunkōin, not only experience Rinzai Zen Buddhism, but also view rare, historic items from important periods in Kyoto history.

Geisha Dance in Hakone or Kyoto

Enjoy traditional Japanese dance performance by Maiko and Geiko (Geisha) in an Ochaya "tea house." Afterwards, share conversation with the Geisha to learn more about their fascinating lifestyle outside everyday Japanese culture.

Tea Ceremony with a Master

The Tea Ceremony is an important and revered aspect of Japanese culture, a traditional ritual influenced by Zen Buddhism that developed with other Zen-related arts such as flower arrangement, ink painting, calligraphy and gardening. During this sublime ceremony, prepare green tea, or matcha, bwith a skilled practitioner in the tranquil setting of an ancient tea house. We can also arrange for a special tea ceremony in a temple (below).

Exclusive Tea Ceremony at a Closed Zen Temple

In a secluded temple, usually closed to the public, you will be granted special entry to experience the tranquil, refined setting during a private tea ceremony.This tea ceremony will be even more memorable with a gift if a Kiyomizu-yaki cup, crafted by an expert artisan in Kyoto.

Pontocho Misogigawa with master-chef Teruo Inoue IN Kyoto

One of Japan's culinary highlights is this unique venue serving classical French cuisine, kaiseki style, in traditional Kyoto ceramics. The restaurant is located in an exquisite century-old wooden building, once the property of a famous geisha. During this visit, meet privately with "le chef" for an escorted tour the restaurant and kitchen before dining.

Private Performance by a Kabuki Actor

Kabuki is the most well-known of Japanese traditional performance arts, featuring actors with brightly painted faces and costumes, but it can be difficult to understand and experience intricacies of the genre from a performance alone. During this private encounter, meet with a Kabuki actor to learn first-hand about this highly stylized art form with a hands-on demonstration of how character is developed with make-up and costume. The experience includes time sharing photos of the actor before and after their transformation. Depending on the theater venue, dining may arranged while watching the presentation.

Dinner with Geiko and Moiko (Geisha)

Gion is famous for its colorful geisha who still stroll its streets and during this meal at a "ryotei", a high-end traditional Japanese restaurant, enjoy the company of a geisha, learning about their unique lifestyle and training.

Evening Helicopter Cruise over Tokyo

Enjoy a helicopter cruise in the nighttime sky above one of the world’s greatest cities, above the ocean of lights of this vast metropolis, from comfort to of a luxury helicopter.

Japanese Calligraphy

Along with a master, learn the finer aspects of the rare large-brush style using thick, black ink to painting characters on a paper screen, the perfect memento of your visit to Japan.

Japanese Cooking & Cuisine

During this delightful half-day cooking lesson with a master chef, learn the ingredients and preparation of sushi, or enjoy another class focused on other Japanese favorites.

Visit to a Sumo Stable

Japan family travel is not complete without taking some aspect of Sumo. Sumo is the national sport of Japan. During this visit to a "stable" or training facility where the wrestlers live, watch and interact these gentle giants as they start their day a workout. Children may also join in the workout, which leads to some unforgettable photos and is always a highlight of our Japan family tours.


Why Indochina Travel? Because a luxury Japan tour is not simply a fine hotel, but the experiences and places that linger after your return home.

Ready to begin planning your private Japan luxury tour?

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