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Japanese life is as distinct as it is refined: the art, the food, the architecture stand out uniquely from the rest of the world, balancing simplicity and deep aesthetic principles. Sushi, geisha, Zen Buddhism…all distinctly Japanese and familiar, yet shrouded in mystery.

Today, Japan is at a crossroads of old and new, and no better time explore the vivid and contrasting wonders of modern Japan with it's rich medieval legacy under a backdrop of incredible natural beauty. Explore Japan's ancient temples, shrines and castles and formidable natural treasures, including the lush mountain setting of Hakone beneath Mount Fuji, bamboo forests outside Kyoto, and the sublime cobbled footpaths beneath towering cedars on Mount Kōya.

In Nara and Kyoto, there is time to wander the cultural backbone of ancient Japan, home to the highest density of World Heritage Sites in the world, but there's so much more beyond the well-known historic sites, including the "Japanese Alps" soaking in natural hot springs, the quaint village of Takayama, home to traditional artisans, and viewing the famous snow monkeys in their steamy Nagano mountain habitat, and of course, delving into the thrilling cultural neon wonders of modern Japan in Tokyo.

If your interest is in the arts, spend time exploring Kyoto's rich crafts traditions, and canvasing the contemporary arts, visiting with curators, collectors, from Roppongi's famed art triangle to lesser known galleries and spaces throughout Tokyo. Those with more time can venture further afield to the "art island," Naoshima, or if you've specific interests, such as pottery, we can your trip to visit ancient kilns in beautiful Kyushu or a journey aboard the Seven Stars, the world's most luxurious train (below).

If you are traveling with your children, relax and enjoy traveling in the safest and most reliable country on the planet while experiencing amazing activities we've organized, from mingling with monkeys in the mountain forests outside Kyoto, exploring Tokyo's futuristic hi-tech stores, witnessing Japan's famous youth culture, biking (yes, Tokyo is wonderful for family cycling), taking in the Giants at the Tokyo Dome—all escorted by guides who are parents themselves.

Seven Stars Luxury train in Kyushu

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