Japan Luxury Hotels & Ryokan

Your hotel in Tokyo should feature the finest Japanese minimalist design aesthetic with stunning views of the skyline or perhaps the palace (location is not critical as central Tokyo is surprisingly compact), but in Kyoto, Takayama, and more remote places, and certainly on a honeymoon, consider the quintessential Japanese cultural experience—ryokan (inn)— or a temple lodging along the pilgrimage routes. Below is a brief selection of places we often recommend for our Japan travelers, including Aman's sublime "urban sanctuary" in Tokyo (below). Of course, we have definite opinions for where to stay with children, for couples, privacy, outdoor sightseeing, shopping, and other preferences. In more remote locations, Japan offers Zen inspired retreats that combine sublime natural locations and architecture like no other properties in the world, such as Tadao Ando's masterpiece Setouchi Aonagi on the Seto Sea, or Benesse House on Naoshima "art island," a combination hotel and world-class museum in one.


Experience one of the finest hotels in the world, a sublime zen-temple over 30 stories in the sky with views of the Imperial Palace, central Tokyo, and Mount Fuji in the distance. The Tokyo property is Aman's first "urban sanctuary" and the term perfectly captures the tranquil environment and impeccable minimalist design.

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