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Here then are those temples which for so long seemed like visions... Here are the foundations, the plinths, the galleries, the extraordinary domes resembling multi-ringed tiaras.
-Claude Farrere, L'illustration, 1931

South Gate Angkor Thom stone headIf you've come this far to the region, you will not want to miss the "Prize of Southeast Asia" - the Temples of Angkor which are only a short one-hour flight from Saigon or Bangkok.

Angkor what? Many people have heard of the main temple, Angkor Wat, of course, but Angkor consists of over seventy discovered ruins spread over two hundred square kilometers. Angkor Wat itself is a kilometer-wide and the greatest Buddhist monument ever constructed. There are astounding structures of equal impact surrounding it. This density of ruins is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, and has been aptly called the "Nile Valley of Asia."

Visit our Angkor Tours page for ideas on your custom, private trip or continuing read below for suggestions of other places to expore on Cambodia.

We recommend, time permitting, spending a day in Phnom Penh for an authentic glimpse of Khmer culture away from the temples, and post-trip, relaxing on Song Saa Private Island, a newer resort located in a marine preserve off Cambodia's southern coast.

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