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Luxury Travel in China

On many occasions during the last century, when it seemed that China was about to alter course, she was in fact merely re-trimming her sails. As the world witnessed during the Olympic Games in Beijing, change has certainly arrived. The challenge now is to recover the best of the past and marry it to the realities of the modern world yet contemporary China still offers some of the most fascinating experiences and unparalleled luxuries that travelers can only experience in the Middle Kingdom.


Experiential China

China has an astonishing forty one UNESCO World Heritage sites, but you need not see them all—what's happening China today is equally or more a compelling era for visitors during this fascinating era of unprecedented sweeping change.

A trip to China should begin with exploring the massive capital city, Beijing, one of the eight wonders of the world which historic gems that include the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace. No visit is complete without a glimpse of old Beijing life by walking along the hutong (historic alleys), sampling famed Peking Duck and taking in the colorful opera.

In Shanghai, China's largest and most modern city visit the historical sites that should not be missed (Jing'an Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, and Yuyuan Garden), modern architectures (Jinamo Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center), and elegant water towns (Zhujiajiao Water Town). Shanghai has been called the city of the future, and here in China's economic engine and design capital, we can arrange introductions with contemporary artists and new generation entrepreneurs.

Luxury China

For luxury travel, China has within a few short years passed the world by. Many of the world's finest luxury hotels have opened their doors, including prestigious properties such as the Aman Summer Palace, below, and the Waldorf Astoria Beijing with its very own hutong villa (view other luxury hotels in China). After a day of touring, be pampered in sumptuous spas that blend modern wellness therapies with Imperial Chinese well-being techniques.

Aman Summer Palace Luxury Pavilion

As China continues its rapid pace towards becoming the largest luxury market in the world, the results from the country's insatiable demand for all things bespoke and luxurious are everywhere, from Michelin-star dining in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, its flourishing arts scene, world-class designers, and high-end walking shopping districts featuring luxury products from around the globe. We'll work with you to plan your dining throughout your trip, from the world's finest Peking Duck to exotic street east in the hutongs, and private shopping arrangements with China's couture star designers and top tier artists.

Along the way, personal encounters with the famously gregarious and welcoming Chinese and local tribes — always the real highlight of the country — will be facilitated and provide deeper insight into the country. There are few nations that can rival China's obsession with cuisine, and in fact, the Chinese greeting "Ni chi fan le ma?" means "have you eaten yet?" Throughout this trip, regional cuisines and styles will be emphasized from southern dim sum, to spicy Sichuan to the west, and Mandarin cuisine, including Peking duck, a northern specialty.

Himalayan Mountain Splendor in Yunnan

Our favorite place in China—the spectacular landscapes and unique cultures in the high mountains of the Yunnan Province. The province encompasses less than four percent of the land of China, yet is home to half of China's birds and mammals. Yunnan is picturesque and undeveloped, in sharp contrast to much of the rest of the country.

Today, the old town of Lijiang remains a labyrinth of wooden houses (their upturned pagoda roofs hung with scarlet lanterns) and cobbled streets, laced by a network of tiny streams and canals.

Despite the remoteness of Yunnan, our trips feature impressive properties, including the Banyan Trees in Lijiang and Shangri-La. After Yunnan, consider visiting the Himalayan mountain city of Lhasa in Tibet and the wonders of this unique "city in the sky," including the Potala Palace.

Giant Pandas

After the classic destinations, and if you're coming with children, stop to visit up close up with the country's famous Giant Pandas (below) in Chengdu. Though you may easily view the Giant Pandas at the Beijing or Shanghai zoos, Chengdu offers a more semi-wild setting with more of them to see. A visit to Chengdu and the Chengdu Panda Base offers a more intimate and authentic viewing as do other bases located in the area.

Giant Pandas in Chegdu by Gill Penney
Chengdu Giant Pandas by Gill Penney

Read about the different Giant Panda reserves in China and their programs on our Giant Panda tours page.

Experienced hands will organize and manage your China luxury tour—in addition to tour guides wonderful with children, or local experts on the arts, cuisine, photography or other interests. A local tour manager will be monitoring your trip throughout who is on call 24-hours a day.

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